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 Networking Is Selling.



Belt-tightening times require business, organization and professional practice people to get more done with less. But you already know that. Let’s zero in on something you don’t know (or have thus far chosen to not admit by owning up to the fact that…

No matter what your job is–whether you work with a church, a healthcare facility, a bank, the government, an educational or nonprofit institution, a trucking company, a restaurant, professional sports team, senior housing development–no matter WHAT your job is: YOU ARE IN SALES!

Got that? Okay. Next:

The secret of sales, marketing, advertising and public relations news releases and events is embodied in the acronym AIDAS, which stands for attract ATTENTION, create INTEREST, stimulate DESIRE, bring about ACTION and ensure SATISFACTION. 

[Hey, you’re doing fine out there, all you doctors and plumbers and camp directors and computer techies, chicken pluckers and grocery store checkers. Stay with this another minute.]

In years past, traditional salespeople who are out selling for a living have usually had the luxury of field houses full of expensive support tools and programs designed to drive prospects to their feet. You’ll find these eyeball-to-eyeball presenters hovering about abundantly in retail settings and trade and professional shows.

You’ll also find that these same folks are discovering with almost the same swiftness and embarrassed sense of loss one might experience with suddenly having his or her pants pulled down, that businesses and organizations are now and have been rapidly withdrawing budget support for advertising,  promotion and merchandising.

Therefore (Aha!) ingenuity must rise for salespeople to survive. And where do they turn? To networking of course, to the very most commonly understood and used sales promotional vehicle that all the non-salespeople have been using to sell themselves and their services and ideas for centuries . . .

Networking. Networking is a fancy term for meeting and greeting and staying in touch and asking for referrals. But guess what? If you don’t apply the AIDAS acronym to your networking efforts, even as a floor sweeper, you’re not likely to survive the mainstream media’s economic rumor mongering that’s sucking the life out of our families, friends, neighbors, and communities.

     So, before you go on stage each day, clean up your act, pull back your shoulders, take a deep breath, tell your mirror image that you are the greatest performer in the job that you do, that ever lived, and that you are going to sail through the day making good things happen at every turn.

     Then recite to yourself that you will attract ATTENTION, create INTEREST, stimulate DESIRE, bring about ACTION, and ensure SATISFACTION with every task and every person you encounter. Do that and you’ve got my 100% money-back guarantee (oh, right, this was all free!) that you will astound yourself. You WILL astound yourself! And that’s a good thing. 


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