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What’s going on, America?


Got economic guilties?


Who’s confiding in whom?


“Trust me…!”   “To tell you the truth…!”   “Let me tell you like it is…!”   “Okay now, this is no B.S….!”   “To be honest with you…!” (or even worse): “To be perfectly honest with you…!”   “To be totally honest with you…!”   “To be 100% honest with you…!”   Whew!  Wait right here.  Let me run and get my hip boots and shovel!

I have heard every one of these statements in the past couple of weeks.  They have come from a wide range of product and service salespeople . . . including senior salespeople who should know better! 

I have noticed some variation of these little “aside” comments in two different TV commercials, three radio commercials and four different print ads.  I saw the same or comparable wording on two websites and in three blogs.  It was even in a news release!

What’s happening here? 

The mainstream media is driving us all into the ground with relentless reports of the glass being half empty!  This bombardment of negativity is creating a tsunami of low trust in business.  And that is prompting piles of desperate businesspeople engaged in marketing into thinking the only way to keep their jobs is to reverse the trend to low public trust by proclaiming that they are telling the truth. 

Only trouble is by doing that, they are simply causing the public to doubt them and wonder what the hell they’ve been saying right along (maybe for years in some cases) that NOW, all of a sudden, the truth is coming out!  Like the proverbial lady who “doth protest too much,” every statement of the type noted above is a step in the direction of casting even greater doubt and DIStrust!  A vicious circle.

And doesn’t it all remind you of the classic sales character who looks right and left over his shoulder while twisting the ends of his moustache and whispering, “Tell ya what I’m gonna do for you…”?

Do NOT tell people to trust you, or believe you, or that now –at long last– you’re going to be honest.  This junk makes you look bad.  Period.  When these expressions pop up (even in unconscious references) as part of your spiel, or your advertising, or on your website or in a news release, they will collapse any consumer confidence you may have already succeeded at building up.  You are killing your self!

Just TELL the truth.  Don’t tell people THAT you’re telling the truth!  EARN customer confidence and trust.  Don’t talk about it!  People buy from businesses whose marketing walks the walk!  halalpiar  


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