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Well, just in case you ever had any doubts about that classic old four-word warning that’s probably been around since caveman days, I’m here to tell you it could just as easily have been uttered for the first time this morning!

93% of social network, texting and email communication

is ineffective because they spawn a mentality of hiding!

     In the same fashion that most overweight people get where they are by eating in order to avoid expressing their feelings (It’s hard to say how you really feel about something or somebody when there’s food going down your throat!), most inadequate communicators are ineffective at getting their messages across because hiding behind the magical, mystical Twitter avatars makes it convenient to never have to actually engage with someone else, or develop any degree of intimacy. 

     In fact, the in-and-out “hits” Twitterers make all day are actually designed to keep others at a controlled distance, and at best can only serve to create flighty friendships. 

Now don’t misunderstand this.  I use Twitter.  I think it’s GREAT!  It forces people to think and act in the present, “here and now” monent and that alone is monumentally healthy from an emotional standpoint.  So I’m all for it for that.  It also forces concise thinking, another outstanding benbefit. 

     But it is NOT a method of effective communication because it completely overrides and inherently disregards the ingredients of effective personal communication.  The point is: do not expect it to be something it’s not. 

     Social networks and texting and emails do not effective communication make! 

What’s underlying all this assessment?  Effective communication is only 7% verbal!  38% is transmitted by tone of voice and — are you ready for this?  55% (that’s 55%) of effective communication is conveyed by nonverbal body language. 

     HOW you sit, stand, walk, gesture, wink, blink, cross your arms and legs and ankles, the ways you grunt, wiggle, twist, lean, laugh, snarl . . . HOW you come across . . . is what counts to the receiver. 

     Now consider that if you are in sales, and you ARE in sales no matter what you do (unless you’re a recluse).  How much should you rely on communication TOOLS and how much do you need to communicate clearly one-on-one?  A rake and shovel do not = a garden.  To sell what’s important to you, you must accept responsibility for sounding and looking and acting responsible, and reassuring.

     You must also be an outstanding observer and listener in order to measure your impact and pace and ability to focus on benefits.  Read and learn all you can about body language and practice your tone of voice with tape recordings.  Use social network, texting and email tools, but don’t expect them to do your job for you.  If you use any tool the wrong way, you can hurt yourself.

     Stay tuned in.  Stay alert.  Listen hard.  Watch your prospect AND YOURSELF carefully.   halalpiar

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