SALES: Why a “NO” is better than a “MAYBE”!

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    It really doesn’t matter who, when, where, why, or how you sell whatever you’re selling, it’s ALWAYS better to get an answer from your prospect that’s definite, even if the answer is “NO”! 

     It matters not whether it’s a hybrid vehicle, a railroad car of ketchup packets, a truckload of bananas, a knock-off Rolex, a mixed case of old vinyl records, computer programming services, Burger King’s new body spray, the Brooklyn Bridge, a seat in the U.S. Senate, a sponsorship on, or your favorite sister. 

     When your prospect says “Maybe,” you’re in more trouble than the ancient-history tv entertainer Tennessee Ernie Ford used to describe as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs!  Oh, you say, but “Maybe” leaves the door open, and it’s halfway to “Yes.”  Well, bless you for the optimism, but reality is that it’s also halfway to “No.”

     More importantly, and here’s the hard-nosed truth: “Maybe” means that you are now going to embark on a journey of expending untold amounts of time, money and energy to try to push the “Maybe” over the edge into “Yesdom.” 

     Sure, the swing point could be just around the corner, but odds are that if there’s a “Yes” at all in the future to begin with, it may be lightyears away.  Even if it’s just weeks, converting a “Maybe” to a “Yes” is simply not worthy of such exhaustive blind pursuit! 

     The bottom line: If you’re serious about sales, your time is too valuable! 

     Yes, you say, but you don’t understand, you say . . .THIS prospect is a friend of a friend (or the family), and seems to like me and says she will make a decision soon, and when she buys in, it will open a whole new territory, you say . . . so, you say, I need to stay on top of it! 

     Good luck, I say!  Reality is that for you to “stay on top of it” means you will be missing the boat on other “Yes’s.”  Look at the other side of the coin.  If you push the “Maybe” a little and still get a “Maybe” it just might be worth giving an extra push to see if you can tip the scale into a more definite response.  If you can get a “NO” out of it, you win! 

     Why do you win if you lose the sale?  Because a “NO” means you can drop the effort and move on to make better use of your time, money and energy.  If you were intent on a long-term relationship, how long would you tolerate a “Maybe” from a serious dating partner? 

     Sure, there are movies about special people living for years with such indecision, but:  A) That’s neurotic Hollywood living in fantasyland, and B) This is your livlihood we’re talking about. 

     What did the old German Grandfather say?  “Vie getz too soon old, und too late schmart!”   

               GO FOR THE NO!                                              halalpiar

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