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     When I first heard about it, I was intrigued; a neat idea I thought, getting people to record little spurt answers throughout the day to the question: “What are you doing?” 

     When I first visited it, I thought it was ridiculous; and how on earth could anyone say anything of value on a daily basis (even hourly in some headcase cases) in just 140 characters? 

     When I first used it, I was confounded.  But then what would I know, not being a teenager anymore (yearn) and never having taken text-messaging 101?  Not only could I not figure out how to write these cryptic 140-space messages; I was barely able to read them.  Too much BS, I thought; I forgot about it.  Goodbye, TWITTER . . . off to the ancient vinyl record and 8-track cassette burial grounds with you! 

     Then my talented artist friend prompted me to give it another try.  I returned, skeptical.  I used it again; hey, maybe it does work! 

     Well, I’m still a little retarded about how to make the system fly, but I am settling into a learning mode, and finding pleasure in the fact that (unlike some Google entities I’ve run into) Twitter lets me experiment without punishment.  And it’s actually much more fun than TV or reading literary agent websites and articles –most of which I find to be completely illiterate, certainly not communicative, and generally unfriendly.  [Figures, huh?  Illiterate literary agents are like stop-and-go traffic delays that make your trip hours longer only to find out the cause is a police car!] 

     Anyway, in a few weeks time, TWITTER messages or “Tweets” have produced some interesting information, connections, and business leads.  [I’m quite sure a whole lot of other things can also be produced, but my interests are in developing my book and article writing career and my traditional marketing and website writing business.]  

     Okay, Hal, enough of this sidetracking.  What IS TWITTER’s “secret hidden value”?

     Think about it.  In order to enter your “Tweet” message in the TWITTER window, you have to answer the question, “What are you doing?”  This is a present tense question and is action-related. 

     The bottom line is that in order to provide a meaningful response, you must be thinking in (and focused on) the “here and now” present moment, which —mentally, emotionally, and physically— is the healthiest, happiest, most productive place for your mind to be. 

     Unhealthy upset feelings and negative attitudes exist only in the past (longer than one second-old) or the future (which is not yet here and may never happen).  The past and future are fantasy!  TWITTER is reality. 

     TWITTER promotes mental, emotional and physical health by prompting subscribers to stay tuned in to what is happening each day, every step of the way.  TWITTER has the Gestalt potential to change the world for the better.  It could even eliminate shrinks!     halalpiar 


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