Take A Page For Your Life From The Red Sox!

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In the end, you will win.   


New England’s abuzz, and well it should be: the Red Sox rose up from the dead last night and forced a game six in the American League playoffs! 

     If you’re not a baseball fan, you may think this event was small potatoes.  And it may not end up having any earth-shattering meaning in the big scheme of life, unless of course the Red Sox continue to rise and win game six, and force a game seven playoff, and then win that too! 

     Unlikely?  Well how unlikely was it that they would be getting clobbered for seven innings and be losing 7-0, and come back to win?  When you know the teams and the situation and the injuries involved and the track-records of the pitching staffs, the Red Sox recovery and ultimate win is definitely in the miraculous category.

     How many times have you pulled off a business or personal or career miracle by your standards?  How did you do it?  Odds are you simply convinced yourself that you were going to succeed and managed to somehow fill your heart with the fire to win.

     Some will claim they accomplished the impossible because they’re Christians.  Some will say it was because they had a rescuer.  Others will claim luck.  Some will credit skill or experience.  But the bottom line is that miraculous events occur (and have occurred in history) because the person or persons involved believed –heart and soul– that she/he/they would succeed, no matter what.

     This (success) is a choice!

     It may not seem like a choice at the time, and it may feel ridiculously overwhelming to even think in those terms.  Believing in seeing yourself as a winner, however, is a choice.  And it’s one you are free to make every passing second of every passing minute every day. 

     You must be willing to commit yourself fully to achieving your goal . . . with no exceptions. 

     There cannot be times when you decide it’s okay to slack off because things have been going well (or because they haven’t and you think you deserve a break); those are the moments of weak-willed collapse, the moments of trial, the moments when you must keep faith in yourself and what you’re doing, the moments when you must keep pushing, rise to the occasion. 

     They are the hardest of times.  They are the times when others give up.  They are the times when you must push yourself to persevere.  And, in the end, you will win.                halalpiar      


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