Okay, okay, it’s back to the synopsis.

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Too much use of color.  


Too much use of color. You can’t be all things to all people. The type sizes are too big. The type sizes are too small.  The blue color on the right is too light. Your manuscript synopsis is too wordy. Delete half the paragraph. The sentences are too long. 

Okay, okay. You’re right! Thank you!

(And stop using exclamation points!) 

Yes, indeedy.

I wrote about being a REwriter the other day, and tonight I was reminded by my wonderful, talented, loving writers critique group that everything I said then is still true a couple of days later.  Does that qualify for a longevity label?  It certainly qualifies for reinforcement of the truth. 

Everything every writer writes is going to end up rewritten if the writer is indeed serious about the process and the intent of her or his writing.  It’s not like you hammer a nail that’s a little crooked, but that serves the purpose of holding pieces together, that you can just overlook the bend without prying it out, and go on to the next nail because nobody will notice it anyhow.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  When you write something, SOMEbody notices EVERYthing.

So instead of a too long, too colorful, too wordy, too exclamation-pointed blog post tonight, I am going to work on my long-overdue-for-REwrite-attention synopsis.  Hey, maybe it will get done by tomorrow, and we can return to my regular blog postings, the ones filled with uproarously provocative commentary.  You remember them?   

Tune in tomorrow.  Same time.  Same channel.  New synopsis.                halalpiar 

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