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Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes list . . . 


     Staying close to family and friends, keeping your mind active, laughing, exercising, maintaining a spiritual connection, eating right, staying abreast of current events, using a cell phone and the Internet, even online dating!

     Now what on Earth do you imagine these activities represent?

     You’d better take a deep breath and get ready for this one.  The list above that starts with staying close and ends with online dating are the results of a recent poll of 100 healthy 100 year-olds (centenarians) who offered these positive lifestyle choices as the secrets to living long lives.  Thanks for this study update to Dr. Andrew Weil as reported in his November, 2008, Self Healing newsletter

     As for a couple of specifics, according to Dr. Weil’s newsletter account, 90 of the 100 polled considered “staying close to family and friends” as “very important.”  Over half attributed “staying abreast of current events” to healthy aging.  Also, older doesn’t necessarily mean sicker; high levels of disability are not given characteristics of triple digit aging.

     So, LAUGH!  DO PUZZLES!  WALK!  PRAY!  EAT BETTER!  PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEWS (EVEN KNOWING HOW WARPED ITS PRESENTERS ARE!)  GET ON THAT COMPUTER AND CELL PHONE!  And for heaven’s sake, start online dating and go to those family gatherings you hate!

     There you are, a prescription for getting to old age . . . assuming you really want to.  On the other hand, what harm could it do to give this stuff a try?  Unless, that is, you decide to be doing three or more of these life extension activities at the same time.  Like, it may not be in your best interests to be making cell phone calls to your online dating partner at your family’s Thanksgiving Day dinner gathering. 

     On the other hand, maybe some shenanigans would be in order for Halloween ;<)Halalpiar         

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