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We just won’t hear about


what’s good, because it’s


the media’s job to tell us 


what’s bad  


     When I was growing up my Father used to sing-song, “We ain’t got a lotta money, Honey, but we gotta lotta fun!”  It was his way of saying that when the chips are down, keep your chin up. 

     It was a family joke to laugh at a postcard we’d pull out of the desk drawer that had a suffering cartoon cow who hadn’t been milked, with one hoof stepping on her overstretched udder and the caption that went something like, “So you think you’re having a hard time?”

     A favorite old college teacher friend of mine once told me that his sacred book, the Torah, said that God once brought everyone in the world together and asked them to put all of their problems into one big pile.  They did.  Then, my friend said, God asked each person to come to the pile and take away with him or her whatever problems that he or she wanted to keep.  Everyone took back their own problems.

     I’ve heard some people talking with panic-stricken voices that the nation’s financial mess was on the brink of doing them in personally, or something to that effect.  Well, you know what?  If you choose that path of thinking, you will no doubt be done in! 

     The point is that we remain the strongest nation on earth and our economy is NOT falling apart.  Positive indicators (increased housing starts, lower gas prices, higher service sales, and more) are all around us. 

     We just won’t hear about what’s good because it’s the media’s job to tell us what’s bad.  The more bad news the media can crank out, the more people get sucked into watching and listening to and reading the news. 

     It the same principle and dynamics as “rubbernecking” on the parkways when thousands of cars filled with human nature curiosity are compelled to slow down, often stop, to see what’s going on with a minor fender-bender in an opposite oncoming traffic lane! 

     The more that people get sucked into the bad news, the more that media people can charge advertisers and the more advertisers they can sign up, and the more profits the media companies can make.  So of course the media thrives on creating havoc and spreading bad news–true or not–and exaggerating and sensationalizing, and undermining. 

     We can’t even trust a media-appointed “nonpartison, objective” moderator chosen to oversee Thursday night’s VP debate:  she’s just authored a strongly pro-Obama book!  How many millions of voting viewers will never know about this flagrant conflict of interest?  How hard would it have been to pick an independent moderator?

     But you know what, America?  It’s not the sky falling.  It’s the cow with the swollen udder, and it needs only to get relief by someone choosing to milk it!  And someone will, because (and if you haven’t traveled enough to know it, believe me) we don’t want other country’s problems: our own problems that the media beats us with night and day, pale by comparison! 

     Someone who represents your district or State who wants to get re-elected will make that choice to rise above the relentless bombardments of the greedy media moguls.  All you need to do is make some noise that you want the crap to end and the cow milked and the media to go home. 

     But you DO have to make some noise!     halalpiar      


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