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     Having the world’s greatest business plan and unrestricterd access to the most leading-edge technology available can spell (are you ready for this?) disasterous failure!  Aw, c’mon, Hal, how’s that possible? 

     If you are a business or professional practice owner or manager and you don’t regard your people as your most important asset, and motivate them accordingly –24/7– you can bank (whoops! maybe not a good word this week) . . . you can count on rampant failure!

     If you can’t answer the following 6 questions to reflect the above conclusion in a positive light, your business or professional practice is in deep trouble, and you need to get things back on track in a hurry!  

  1.      Can you readily identify and separate your internal (employees, referrers, and vendors) and external customers?  Can you really tell the difference?  Do you have a current and comprehensive database of your internal customers?  What percentage of every day are you actively marketing to your internal customers?  [i.e., marketing your people; marketing TO your people; marketing THROUGH your people.]
  2.      Do you think the meaning of customer (client/patient) service is to have CUSTOMER SERVICE?  [i.e., Are you marketing to your external customers and attracting new external customers by marketing to your internal customers?  This can spare you the expense and complications of having to make or sustain a formal CUSTOMER SERVICE department.  Properly motivated, everyone should be able to deal with customer service issues on their own.]
  3.      Do you think only “touchy-feely doo-dah” types focus on building relationships while REAL businesspeople focus on building sales?  What percentage of each do you do?  Is there a healthy enough balance to ensure internal relationships that are strong enough to produce sales surges when they’re needed?
  4.      When and why does an inexpensive toy motivate performance better than cash?  (Answer tomorrow!)
  5.      Can you “ask, don’t tell with the words you use?  Can you “engineer,” not “architect” with the pictures you paint?  (More on this tomorrow too!)  [i.e., Marketing through your people means being careful with what you say and how you say it!]
  6.      Are you breeding entrepreneurs (and can you manage them)?  Or are you breeding investment in the status quo (and can you manage that)?  [i.e., Are you encouraging others with examples of reasonable risk-taking?]

     Tune in tomorrow, same time, same station!               halalpiar


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