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Blood-sucking is a


commonly-shared trait.


     Have you noticed that everyone these days lays claim to be (or clearly evidences being)  from a dysfunctional family?  Now, who am I to doubt that?  I mean don’t we all? 

     Hmmmmm!  Well, actually, if you start to think about that with any kind of effort, you’re probably no longer alive because you probably scared yourself to death, right? 

     So, if you’re already dead and you’re reading this, that might suggest you are somewhat dysfunctional yourself.  Anyway, if it’s true that we ALL come from dysfunctionality (and that definitely appears to be the case last time I checked around), what’s left?  Zombies?  Vampires?  Politicians? 

     Zombies, vampires and politicians.  Now there’s an exciting group!  Sure, these are really normal kinds of individuals.  And I’m not certain of this, but I think I might have read somewhere that blood-sucking is a commonly-shared trait among those who follow in the footprints (?) of these three societal scavengers.  

     And are all three (zombie, vampire, politician) labels representative of categories of individuals we popularly believe to be strutting their stuff (oh, sorry, zombies are probably better known for plodding, stomping, and foot-dragging)? 

     Perhaps it would be more accurate to attribute to them the characteristic of having an inflated sense of self-importance?  Do any of them, after all, march to the beat of different drummers?  Or is it dysfunctional drummers? 

     Like I said, who am I to judge?  All I know is that I’m tired of big-talk do-nothing politicians (including two prominent ones from Delaware), and that given the choice, I’d prefer to have vampires running the show.  At least when vampires come at you, they’ve got their fangs out and you know where you stand.  Zombies?  Well, we’ve already got those! 

     We surely could use a new State Governor and US Senator who are willing to put their fangs out and take a bite or two out of the real problems in Delaware that are begging for help.  Not just the economy, y’all!

     What’s with our educational programs that Sen Biden brags about having helped?(Delaware ranks 44th out of 50 states in literacy!) 

     What’s with the energy alternatives our Governor has flatout refused to get involved with?  (Greedy fossil fuel power plant management has fought windfarms and high-tech coal-washing processes tooth and nail, relentlessly, for years because to do otherwise would cost them money.  Instead, they have been literally spitting on public outcrys and studies proving toxic damage threats to the health of State residents and entire communities . . . and now they offer us band-aids for our cancer clusters!). 

     What’s with immigration controls rejected by or not acted upon by Delaware’s political leadership (and who reportedly support programs that grant illegal immigrants the same rights as Native Americans and legal American citizens)?

     And healthcare? It won’t matter if we get universal healthcare coverage or thousands of dollars to spend on healthcare, Delaware has lousy healthcare.  Find a place where you can get a new patient appointment, and you’ll find inadequate or inexperienced (or both) practitioners.  Find more than one medical facility that can hold a candle to those in NY or Philadelphia or Baltimore.  Go ahead!  I dare you!             halalpiar               


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