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Think of your neck


like a garden hose . . .


     Holistic health-based studies show that the emotional stress of future worries (which are not here and now, which makes them fantasy, and which when overdone, will lead to neurosis and anxiety and depression) most often translates to physical headaches.

     The emotional stress of dwelling on past problems (which are over and done with and can’t be changed, and are also not here and now and therefore fantasy, also leading to neurosis and withdrawal and depression) most often translates to physical backaches.

     Shoulder aches and pains relate to emotional feelings of being overburdened with responsibilities.

     Chest ailments, aches and pains, and ultimately heart attacks and lung collapses, and chest congestion problems are linked by direct connection to emotional problems with love relationships.

     Oh, and your neck?  Think of your neck like a garden hose filled with hundreds of thin liquid wires.  Your neck is the main conduit between your brain and your body, carrying millions of instantaneous signals back and forth (from, for example, your eyes, to your brain, to your arm, to your hand and fingers, to your keyboard, and back again). 

     When your brain gets overloaded with too many upsetting emotional thoughts and feelings, it’s like crimping the garden hose.  Signals get jammed.  The clog-up reduces the free flow of blood and oxygen, and you get a stiff neck, which may lead to backaches or stomachaches . . . you get the picture.

     So what’s the bottom line?  Making the most of this knowledge means taking inventory of yourself.  Without some awareness, for instance, of what makes you feel angry or sad or whatever, you are functioning in the “clueless” category and will never be successful at managing your emotional stress in positive, productive ways. 

     Remember the old Schlitz Beer commercial, “You only go around once in life!”  Make it count!    halalpiar


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