A Hundred Million Miracles . . .

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Just go to the basement


and make more money!


miracle  an extraordinary and welcome event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws and attributed to a divine agency  


     There was a truly outstanding Broadway musical from the late 1950’s called Flower Drum Song.  A featured tom-tom drum-punctuated performance from the show was an upbeat song titled, “A Hundred Million Miracles.”

     Now some might grumble, yeah, that’s what we need now to straighten out this stinking economy.  Others might wish the song title sentiments for their favorite political candidate. 

     Those who face troubling health problems pray for just one miracle, let alone 99,999,999 more.  A hundred million.  A hundred million?  That seems a touch on the greedy side, doesn’t it?  Like winning a mega-millions lottery. 

     Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be happy to accept just one million miracles . . . or dollars!  I mean what would you do with more than that anyway?  But then what do I know?  My high school and college baseball efforts never led me to major league status  compensation package excesses.

     I wonder if it’s possible there could be more willing beneficiaries floating around than there are hard-nosed workers willing to earn opportunities?  ;<) Just wondering! 

     I’ve heard all that “work smarter not harder” crap, and it sounds great, but I can’t help, but wonder if people who get the big bucks without really putting in much effort would much appreciate what’s handed to them.  So what, you say?  Yeah, well, I guess we can overthink things like this, right?  So just go ahead and send me the money.  I promise to appreciate it.

     As for miracles, I’d take a few of those too just because I’d have fun turning lives around, helping the down-trodden back to their feet, and eliminating hunger, disease, ignorance, and violence.  Only trouble is we’d end up with a bunch of fat, healthy, smart-ass, mamby-pambies with nothing else to do except screw up our economy . . . and that would be a miracle all by itself!  Accounts overdrawn?  So you just go to the basement and make more money.  Whoops, it all gets spent?  You just go to the basement and make more money.  Can’t make it fast enough?  Just start raising taxes. 

     That’s called spreading the wealth.  Not so bad, right?    halalpiar    

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