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“They” are “We” 


     All of us are victim to someone or something or some set of circumstances at different points in our lives, yes?  So too are each of us rescuers.  The trick is to minimize involvement with the circumstances that lead to victimization, and to keep ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially strong enough to be able to rescue others when they turn to us, or when we stumble onto them; right?  It’s all about striking a balance within ourselves.

     How can we best achieve this balance most consistently?  The answer is different for each individual.  For some, regular exercise works, or yoga, or Reike, or EFT, or religion, or reading, writing, doing art or craftwork, watching sports, laughing more, enjoying a hobby, listening to music, tending to pets, playing games, traveling, working smarter (not harder), managing time more effectively, getting a massage, taking a shower, going for a walk, rising with the sun, and add your own ideas here about what works best for you.

     The bottom line is that life and living are all about daily stress . . . both good and bad.  We couldn’t sit up in a chair without stress, so it’s not all bad, but when stress turns to DIS-stress (ease to DIS-ease), it becomes nonproductive and harmful to our wellbeing. 

     Negative stress leads us quickly down the path of becoming and playing the role of victims.  Then, when that happns, who do we most want to be knocking at our doors?  Rescuers.  And where do these saintly types come from?  Our families, our circles of friends and neighbors, work associates, community organizations . . . and, sometimes, complete strangers seem to just drop out of the sky in parachutes, first aid kits in hand.

     Well, guess what?  Isn’t it true that “They” are “We” in different circumstances?

     The point is to remember that victims today can be rescuers tomorrow and vice versa, so it pays to always have the mindset of helping others as long as it does not create more stress for you, because you cannot be any help to anyone unless you are coming to the rescue from a position of strength.  Go back to paragraph two.  And remember what your Grandma said (or would have if she could have):           Do unto others . . .      



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