TODAY Starts Hal’s Daily 7-Words-or-Less Sentence/Phrase Story – Send In Your Sentence!

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Beginning with today’s post, I am going to explore a new dimension in writing by starting a fictional story of 7-words-or-less sentences and phrases, and building it as we go each day, one seven-word sentence/phrase at a time. 

     It will always appear in blue, with the newest of each daily sentence/phrase added in green

     I decided to do this as both a creative challenge and because I have taught a lifetime of thinking that the best communication effort –commercial or literary– begins with writing a billboard. 

     Yup, I did say “a billboard.”  This most creatively challenging of all media stands alone because passing speeds require seven words or less, because within those seven words the message must have a beginning, a middle and an ending . . . AND be persuasive! 

     So, this venture I’ve dreamed up will be something like writing a speech that is all sound-bites, or doing a photo essay of 100% photo-ops.  You get the idea. 

     This does NOT mean that I will in any way be abandoning or short-shrifting my (close to) daily blog posts.  They will continue.  It’s just that now we will have an undercurrent story that builds every day — and YOU are invited to contribute to it anytime you are so inclined.


     The working title:            S  T  A  R    S  T  R  E  T  C  H

(or * ** *** **** ***** ****** *******)


     Today’s sentence:         She squiggles her arm above her head.


     See you tomorrow with a new blog post . . . and a new 7-words-or-less sentence/phrase (yours or mine — whatever works!)  Have a great night!   halalpiar

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