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I guess the last seven words of the debate sum it up . . .                                  

I don’t need


on-the-job training!” 


     Oh, pardon me, you thought the “great debate” was a great success?  Then, I imagine you must be related to or working with one of the two candidates.  Surely no one else would have been impressed.  The whole deal was predictably ho-hum. 

     I’m quite certain, the presentation didn’t convince anyone to change her or his mind one way or the other.  If it did, I would be suspect of that person’s sanity to begin with.  I mean, by this point in time, we know whose leadership we trust, right? 

     So this “confrontation” (where neither candidate rarely even addressed the other directly) really didn’t serve to shed much new light on the choices we already know we’re going to make, right?  And let’s be real here, folks: we also know that there just are not all those media-invented independent-minded “undecideds” floating around out there who are going to tip the scales at the last minute based on the kind of exchange we listened to/saw last night. 

     Senator McCain called Senator Obama, “Senator Obama.”  Senator Obama called Senator McCain, “John.”  Senator Obama said, “I agree with John” and “I agree completely with John” at least 27,357 times in ninety minutes.  Senator McCain said, “Senator Obama just doesn’t understand . . .” at least 16,189 times in ninety minutes.  (McCain might have reached the 27,357 times figure had he not been interrupted so often.)  And left-leaning, gutless, niceguy moderator Jim Lehrer never asked the hard questions most of us would like to have posed. 

     McCain and Obama tangled over the difference between “strategies” and “tactics” [Could it be that no one actually recommended that the contenders read my blog posts on this subject:  May 2, May 18, June 10, Sep 13, Sep 23, and Sep 24???]  Lo and behold!  At least six different posts that explain the differences in six different ways.  I just knew one of those guys should have hired me for $3.8 million to be his strategies-tactics advisor!  [Hey, if either of you is reading this, it’s not too late . . . even at half that price!  Oops!  Almost forgot, only one of you is looking to spend so recklessly as that, and then only after raising taxes to cover the costs.] 

     What else?  “John” was patient, calm, controlled, and assertive yet diplomatic and gentlemanly.  “Senator Obama” was impatient, preoccupied with reacting instead of responding, defensive, bumbling and rude yet engaging and brash.  Both stretched the truth and both presented exaggerated dollar numbers to support their positions.  Only one was a “troop” but both noted that they wear troop bracelets.  

     Both made brief comments about their VP running mates: McCain simply related that Palin was an ideal “maverick” partner; Obama actually deferred to Biden as having the answer to a foreign relations issue question that he (Obama) didn’t have.  [A startling comment to hear, especially for me as a Delaware resident who has yet to experience Biden having the answer to anything!] 

     At least we can all know one thing for absolute sure: Mr. Biden (assuming he does actually stay in the race) will not be taking the risk of showing up for his VP candidates debate dressed in a moose outfit!   halalpiar


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