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Juggling seagulls


doesn’t work too well




and rattlesnakes? 


      When the assignments on your plate seem impossible to deal with, and you’re getting scratched and scowled and screeched at, step out of the batter’s box, take a deep breath, and reassess where you are, where you’re going . . . and what you can do this minute to give yourself a better at-bat. 

     Are you trying to fulfill requests from two different bosses?  Get them together (or at least on the phone), explain the circumstances, and ask them to decide the priorities for you.  When you take that responsibility on your own shoulders, you are setting yourself up for a strikeout!

     A conflict in your time commitments with two different clients or customers?  This is one you have to decide, but you can always explain your situation, ask each for a little patience, and offer each specific target dates/times when you expect to have their needs met or materials ready.

     The conflict is with yourSELF?  That’s the easiest to deal with.  You probably won’t fire yourself, or cut your salary or take a demotion.  If you repremand yourself, do it in the mirror and make it short and sweet so you can get on with the work that needs to get done.  What you really need to do is focus on your prioritizing and delegating skills here.  You need to tackle task one and see it through to completion before even thinking about task two.  If you can delegate the task, do it.  If you can’t delegate the task at hand, examine what else you CAN delegate, and do that! 

     I mean, juggling cats is as impossible as it sounds, but if you don’t deal with it when you need to, you could go one or two worse . . . juggling seagulls doesn’t work very well either, and rattlesnakes?  Forget about it.  Now that you’ve weighed all this, get back up to the plate; concentrate on the ball; and smack the next one out of the park!                halalpiar    


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