Dear Shea Stadium: Thanks for the memories!

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RIP for 2008


     Oh, well.  You kept your assorted chins up, guys!  Take heart in knowing you didn’t bail out this year even though your faltering bullpen gave you more reason to than 2007.  You’re were still in the hunt until late today. 

     More important though are two thoughts for you from this nearly lifelong Mets fan (since Yogi days!):

1) TODAY is the last game at historic Shea Stadium, and that alone –above all other considerations– was cause to celebrate.  Many spectacular players have passed through and many momentious plays and hits have served to baptise literally every inch of field, and of course raise the spirits of the thousands of fans who have sat in (and jumped from) each and every seat!

2) TODAY is your chance to leave that final game legacy as one that will live on forever as the time and place that New York Mets players and fans left their stadium for the last time with their heads held high.  Snatching victory would have been miraculously great, but –in the end– ACTING like winners is even greater!  Mets fans know in their hearts that this team has what it takes, and with a few twists of fate, could have won it all!

THANKS for an exciting season!



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