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If you’re not “thinking blog”


. . . you should be. 


     Business startup people used to march around saying:


“I remember when I coont even spelt

entrepreneur, and now I are one!” 


Today, it’s more like:


“Blog ain’t even in my dictionary, and

now I post to one every night!” 


     If you’re not thinking about a blog, you should be.  It is what’s happening, and (aside for professional writing services and minimal tech maintenance) it’s essentially free.  But, when you’re thinking about doing a blog to support your business or professional practice marketing, or customer (client/patient) service, or internal corporate interactive HR training program, be careful! 

     If it’s not strategically planned and written to reflect the right attitude, if it’s not engaging fromn the git-go, it can be as devastating as saying the absolute wrong thing the first time you meet your prospective new in-laws!  In other words, recovery from a bad first impression can be an extraordinary uphill journey!

     A poorly-written, unprovocative, ho-hum blog (especially one that is nothing more than a thinly disguised advertisement) will send visitors scrambling off into cyberspace quicker than a kitchen footstomp scatters mice to the baseboards!

     If it’s your business or professional practice, you are the absolute wrong person to write the blog.  You also can’t afford to be spending your time doing anything less than running the show. 

     Hire a professional business blog writer who understands your business or the business part of your practice, who has a sense of marketing and a flair for public relations . . . someone who can make your blog site come alive, who can provoke interaction, whose posts will ring with integrity but keep people talking.  Pay for that.  It’s worth it. 

     Looking for the right person?  Let’s talk blog.  Call me 302.933.0116      halalpiar 


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