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Who’s best to captain  


the ship through storms? 


     Whether you’re an athlete, or writing a book, running a business, managing a household or delivering a professional practice service, do you periodically stop to take inventory of your resources and re-visit the reality (or fantasy) of where you’re headed? 

     Do you routinely make adjustments in your products, services and plans, in your approach, in your people and procedures?  Do you strive every day to ensure that your pursuits are realistic and your actions based on experience?  Or do you simply aim in the direction of your wish-list, close your eyes, and hope? 

     “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway” is the rallying cry of successful entrepreneurs who know the only way to get a leg up in competitive industries and markets is to be making informed and reasonable adjustments consistently.  Note informed and reasonable . . . in a word, experienced.  

     If corporate giants (including the failing financial institutions we’re hearing about) and our incompetent overkill government would take (have taken) a more aggressive stance in questioning the ongoing viability of their policies, strategic plans and actions, they would (have) quickly realize(d) that this planet is not at a point in history where it’s physically/mentally/financially/emotionally affordable for any entity to stand still.   

     Refusing to constantly assess and reassess established directions and commitments constitutes investment in the status quo.  At this time in this world, there is no room for complacency or indifference or ambivalance because the rest of the planet continues to spin relentlessly.  The time for standstill thinking and behavior may in fact never come again. 

     Okay.  So who’s best to captain the ship through storms? 

     The team with management experience and proven abilities to reshape and scale back government, with the track-records of having overcome all odds, with the demonstrated abilities to improvise, innovate, and practice active leadership . . . the team that knows how to read the tides and stars to navigate, and that has the skill and experience to sustain resources, and energize others to honor, respect, and protect our country and our families first and foremost? 

     Or the team with no management experience, no proven abilities except to nurture its own charisma, and which has expended more energy criticizing our country than our enemies . . . the team that has admitted it believes in its hearts it can lead by raising taxes to increase a government that’s already nonproductive . . . the inexperienced team that’s convinced it can simply close it’s eyes and wish for the ship to sail itself?             halalpiar


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