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Do you have all your


marbles, but can’t 


find the playground? 


     Do friends and family consider you a “whack-job”?  Do you have all your marbles, but can’t find the playground?  Are people constantly telling you to get your glove and get in the game?  HA!  You must be a  w r i t e r.     

     If you are a business or literary career writer, parttime writer, hobbyist writer, or wannabe writer . . . if you’re a writer of letters, poems, news reports, jingles, journals or diaries, speeches, matchbook covers, legal briefs, books, articles, curricula, business plan narratives, ads, brochures, cribnotes, commercials, short stories, websites, greeting cards, song lyrics, flyers, billboards, booklets . . . ANYthing that requires at least a few bolts of creative persuasion, you’ve come to the right place! 

     Why?  Because all of us writers get stuck in the muckity-mud of mondane monotony once in awhile.  (Hey, what’s a little alliteration between writers, right?)  Oh, yeah, back to the mud.  Sometimes a little finesse will work its magic.  Sometimes, just taking a few deep breaths—or a walk around the block—will do the trick.  But sometimes we need a bungee-cord-rigged tow truck to  T-H-W-A-P  us out of the gooshy swamp!  And sometimes it takes someone to put an occasional firecracker under our collective writer-blocked butts!

     If you live anywhere near the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach/Coastal Rt.1 Highway in beautiful, tax-free-shopping Delaware (there, now THAT got your attention, right?), and you are willing to give up four, two-and-a-half-hour chunks of your life (one chunk each on 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, and 12/3/08), plus $119 payable to Delaware Tech & Community College, guess what?  You qualify to win a fascinating opportunity to have your creativity fuse ignited, and free your imagination from the mud! 

     All levels of writing skills are welcome.  Participants will present one-minute weekly reports and bring a work-in-progress for personalized coaching.

     Stop staring at a blank screen!  Put an end to the dreaded “Writer’s Block” and — believe it or not— suffer no side effects!  Plan to have fun.  Expect to teach your self how to unclog stuffed up writer’s block passages, connect your writing with your dreams!  I’ll be your guide.  Me, Hal Alpiar, MBA, and author of this blog!  (Listen, I’ve stimulated creative writing expression for over 20,000 students, so YOU will be a piece of cake!)

     Limited seating.  Reserve your place now.  Call 302.855.1617 and register for course # ENO 289 231.

     See you on the ceiling!         halalpiar 



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  2. Tom Hoyeron 08 Aug 2008 at 10:12 am

    It’s “Roto-Rooter” for writers! Tom Hoyer

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