Today’s Obama Lesson: When you choose a running mate, make sure you choose someone who’s running in the same direction, and make sure you choose someone who can run!

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We need to be thinking,


not feeling, when we pull


the voting levers this fall. 


     Today’s announcement of Joe Biden as Mr. O’s running mate could not be a a more sorry choice.  I’ve been living in Delaware for a few years now, and –outside of the Wilmington area– have yet to hear one single favorable review of Mr. Biden as an elected representative. 

     By all accounts, the man has done nothing of substance for his constituency, and everything humanly possible to promote himself, his name, and his ego.  His reputation is that he talks too much about nothing, and frequently trips over his own tongue. 

     He claims, for example, to be a supporter of improving education.  Yet his “First State” has been pitifully ranked 44th out of 50 in literacy competency.  Only slightly more than half of Delaware’s population is actually reported to graduate high school!  Ah, but he’s a UNITED STATES Senator, and has no real say in State juristiction matters like education!  BULL!  I don’t believe that for one minute.  Do you?

     Cruel comments?  Hardly.  We need to be thinking, not feeling, when we pull the voting levers this fall. 

     We’re now talking about a person who is proposed to be a single heartbeat away from stepping into the Presidency of the United States, and someone who would presumably work closely with and support Mr. O in the unlikely event of an O Presidency.  We’re talking about a man who just a short time ago said Obama is not qualified to be President, a man who just a short time ago said he would prefer to see McCain as President (I can’t help but wonder if these comments are “running in the same direction”?). 

     We’re talking about a man who has battled relentlessly against the kind of oil drilling that must occur if we are to ever wrench ourselves free of Arab oil cartel clutches that continue to drive our gas pump rates into oblivion and –allowed to continue– threaten to drag down our entire enconomy.  (Is this stance consistent with “being able” to run?) 

     Yes, even in spite of the temporary pump price relief we’re experiencing these last two weeks . . . we’re still paying well in excess of a hundred dollars a barrel for oil that U.S. offshore drilling can reduce to $35 a barrel within weeks! 

     Blame for our whacked-out fuel costs rests squarely on the shoulders of our Congress, Mr. Biden included, though he and others (including of course our warped media reporters) would have us all believe that President Bush is responsible.  I am no great fan of Mr. Bush, but –please, people– President Bush did not cause Hurricane Katrina, and he is not manipulating gas prices! 

     The smartest decision any of us can make in voting is to be sure that we are in fact voting with our minds and not our emotions . . . and that means DISregarding what all the media “talking heads” have to say, and doing our own homework about what we want as qualifications for the person we trust to be sitting in the White House. 


This is not a time in history for “change”


based on naive, misguided hope. 


     This is the time for America to “move forward,” to preserve and protect the lives of our children and grandchildren, and to do that with the only known ways there are to succeed . . . with proven leadership skills and hard-nosed experience, with a candidate and running mate who are in the same boat rowing in the same direction.         halalpiar

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3 Comments to “Today’s Obama Lesson: When you choose a running mate, make sure you choose someone who’s running in the same direction, and make sure you choose someone who can run!”

  1. getaclueon 23 Aug 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Let’s not forget little Joe is the MNBA WHORE largely responsible for getting the draconian Bankruptcy Repeal for ordinary persons act passed.

    This addition to Obama’s ticket gives it the indelible “BOUGHT AND PAID FOR” stamp.

    Count me among the non voters this year.

    getaclue – Thanks for taking the time and trouble to comment. Certainly you are entitled to the bitterness you express (and I can’t say that I disagree with the sentiment), but choosing to not vote as a solution is not a solution; it creates, instead, a bigger problem. In this case, just because one of the candidates is 100% unacceptable, voting for someone you don’t completely agree with is better than not voting at all. By not voting, you increase the odds of victory for the 100% unacceptable candidate. And that, frankly, should be unacceptable to you. You will be wise to revisit your logic and not let emotions interfere with the soundness of your judgement. halalpiar

  2. Bruce Burchellon 24 Aug 2008 at 11:30 am

    Very good, Hal. Mark Levine of ABC radio has been calling Joe Biden the dumbest man in Washington for years. This running mate choice is just another show of Obamas’s lack of wisdom.

  3. Jim Jordanon 24 Aug 2008 at 11:57 am

    Hal – He could not have picked a better man to help him go down to defeat. It will be a contest of egos; I don’t know which is the larger. Jim

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