Thoughts while driving in the madness of the New Jersey Turnpike for the thousandth time…

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     I always forget it after I’ve gotten to where I want to go, because the relief of making it up (or down) the New Jersey Turnpike alive . . . and without a scratch or a ticket or empty gas tank . . . is so overwhelming unto itself. 

     But this particular drive was so harrowing as to leave me catching my breath as I reached my target exit, and having my mind filled with the question I’ve been wanting to ask all you maniacal wannabe racecar drivers (in your little sportscars, hyped-up pickups, charter busses, 18-wheelers from Mississippi and Alabama, and 40-billion-pound dump trucks with drivers who surely must believe they are NASCAR finalists) the following question (and you may want to print this out, and leave an anonymous copy on someone’s desk, carseat, or pillow):

     Do you signal when you change lanes?  Or just sort of drift over?  Or pile-drive your way there?  Maybe a token one or two-blink click on your lights?

     Assuming you’re one of the culprits here, maybe you could enlighten me as to what makes people not signal?  Do you not care about laws, rules, regulations, authority. . . courtesy?  Or maybe you just don’t care, period.  Does it just not matter to tip off other drivers where you’re headed before you actually get there?  [I’ve noticed some guilt-ridden idiots who –like the escaped-horse-barndoor-closers– must think it’s redeeming to signal after they’ve changed lanes.]  Do you think no one notices or cares?  Or do you simply not think?

     Tell me, oh thoughtless (or lazy and thoughtless) one: Does a person who fails to signal when moving from one lane to another also fail to signal when moving from one career assignment to another?  Moving from one life partner or circle of “friends” to another?  Moving from one trusted resource, confidant, counselor, or professional service provider to another?  You just up and leave?

     Do you give any conscious thought to the idea that not signaling a lane change actually risks the lane-changer (and passenger’s) lives?  And what about the lives of drivers and passengers in front and behind and alongside?  Have you even any UNconscious thought?  (Probably, I imagine, since you must be unconscious to begin with!) 

     In case it’s never occurred to you, when you ignore or disregard alerting others about your intent to make a major shift (changing lanes, positions, assignments, decisions, partners, friends, residences, jobs, teams . . .whatever), you set yourself up to lose other’s respect, confidence, support, belief in you and your sense of integrity, and possibly even your life!  Is it really worth it

     Is not keeping others informed about events that can impact them something that’s worth your rush, your hurry, you being preoccupied?  Think about it.  Someone loves you and wants you alive.  Pass it on, and please: Signal!     halalpiar 

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