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     Remembering that integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody else is around to see you, let’s practice doing the right thing –for yourself!– here and now, while no one else is around.  It’s just you and me and your screen.

     Good.  Now, when’s the last time you took stock of yourself and your career directions?  You’re in sales and thinking about being sales manager?  Has anyone told you that these functions are not the same? 

     The world’s greatest salespeople often make the world’s worst sales managers.  Why?  Because “selling” suddenly becomes “managing other people to get the selling done” and managing people is not anything like selling.  In selling, you have no one to inspire, motivate, train and discipline except yourself!

     OR you’re working for a big company, but think you should start your own business?  Hmmm, you probably should talk to the sales manager in the preceding paragraph. 

     There’s a colossal difference between handing in an expense account and paying your own expenses . . . between working weekdays 9 to 5 and leaving your workspace as you found it vs. working everyday 7:30 to 7:30 and turning off the lights and taking out the trash and cleaning your own bathroom and coffeemaker before you leave!

     If you’re just plain not sure where you’re headed, by the way, there’s a wonderful book worth getting, called WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE?  I heartily recommend (even an old edition!) reading it attentively and diving into the exercises! 

     OR you’re struggling with your own business and tired of watching your corporate-type friends have such carefree weekend and weeknight existences . . . not to mention their 401k plans, full dental coverage, annual bonuses, and everything they need to do their jobs, handed to them on silver platters . . . while you have to scrounge up enough petty cash to get a new color cartridge for your printer or replacement bag for your vacuum, or figure out where next month’s rent is coming from.

     Well, sure, we may forget once in awhile, but we all know about where the grass looks greener.  And we know things aren’t always what they seem, and to not judge a book . . . yet, those awarenesses don’t make any of the discontent easier to deal with. 

     So, what does? 

     First, take a deep breath.  Second, recognize that all behavior (even yours!) is a choice.  Third, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are better off than most (probably 90%+ if you’re reading this) of the rest of the world, and that you are THE best there is at doing what you do for your self when you put your mind to it. 

     Then take another breath, and choose to put your mind to it!  No one else in the world has better answers about what it is that you most enjoy doing, than you.  If you’re doing the kind of work that gives you the most pleasure, then you are also performing the best at that job, and quality performance wins every time! 

     If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, get out!  You will never do the job well because it doesn’t make you feel good to do it.  Yeah, that sounds easy, but . . . 

     It IS easy, if you choose for it to be.                  halalpiar   


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