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     There will never be enough money available for you to start up or expand a business the way you would like to make it happen.  Never. 

     That leaves spunk. 

     Spunk, determination, tenacious persistence, belief in yourself and your idea, commitment, and a burning desire to make the idea succeed.  When all these ingredients are front and present 24/7, odds are you will succeed by just putting your head down and charging toward the goal of making your product or service idea come to fruition. 

     When you can do that, the money you need to put things over the top will come to you from sources you least expect.  If you doubt this, then consider these two points:

1) If you have doubt, then you do not have the six criteria noted in the first sentence of the third paragraph above, and

2) If you are close to having the six criteria above, but still have a smidgen of doubt, talk with someone who has been successful as an entrepreneur, someone who started a successful enterprise on the proverbial shoestring, and you will hear back the exact same kind of chatter. 

     In other words, people who worry about their ideas making money will not make money; they will, instead, make worry. 

     Those who turn their backs on the making money goals and focus on getting their ideas to succeed will make money.  Weird, huh?  Perhaps, but it’s true. 

     I have helped over 500 successful businesses and business expansions to start up.  I have never seen a single exception to this thinking.  I’m sure there must be some somewhere, but not in my experience. 

     You can take advantage of my experience if you’re thinking about starting a business or expanding one.  For a modest consulting fee, I will serve as your temporary coach and advisor until you get things off the ground.  I work with clients by phone and computer and occasionally, when realistic and appropriate, personal visit.  You can tap into what I have learned the hard way and spare yourself considerable stress and expense. 

     If you’re interested, call me direct at 302.933.0116, and let’s talk.  I’ll give you 20-30 minutes to get me interested.  Have a great day!         halalpiar    

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