CBS Crumbling (Part I of II)

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Network TV news coverage


allows us no room


to breathe the truth!


     No matter what side or edge of the U.S. political fence you may be standing on, or straddling (or simply ignoring), you would have to be brain-dead to not be aware of CBS’s track-record for consistently delivering manipulative, exaggerated opinionating that they unabashedly proclaim to be responsible reporting.

     I believe CBS network TV news coverage to be (at its best): incessantly amateurish, relentlessly irresponsible, socially insensitive, patently false, and insulting to the average viewer.  It leaves us no room to breathe the truth. 

     It tries to jam reactionary opinions down our throats by preventing us from having the information we need, to be able to examine issues and events objectively.  It is replete with innuendo and thinly-veiled attempts to manipulate and control viewer thinking.   

     From what appears to be intentionally lop-sided reporting of America’s war on terrorism . . . to the tossing of ill-deserved green bouquets to Al Gore’s ludicrous global warming theories, supported by not one single body of credible scientists . . . to two words held on a CBS network TV screen yesterday morning during a grossly exaggerated news report of U.S. housing and gas price problems.  The two words:  “Economy Crumbling.” 

     Sorry, CBS, but it is YOU who are crumbling! 

     Everyone knows we’re in tight housing and oil/gas price situations right now.  Everyone also knows the leadership roles you played by adding fuel to these fires.  Only a fool would buy into your incredulous stretch to the next step, however — that the entire economy is now “crumbling.”!   Really!  

     Your ivory towers have blocked your views of reality.  Have you tried getting into a middle America restaurant during this period of “crumbling” economy . . . or noticed the lines at the pumps, even with $4+ per gallon pricetags?           halalpiar   

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  1. Bonnie Austinon 14 Jul 2008 at 12:35 pm

    You’re spot on, Hal. I was in OC Md for the 4th of July, along with at least 300,000 other sunbathers. It was billed as a record attendance for OC.

    As I observed the wall-to-wall people on the beach and in the water, I couldn’t help but think, “Wait a minute, the news media and certain politicians keep reminding me that the economy is BAD! If the economy is so bad, then what in the world are all these people doing here in OC with gasoline at $4.00+ a gallon? Where are they getting all the discretionary funds to spend on souvenirs, pizza, and Thrashers on the boardwalk, if the economy is crumbling? Why are the waterways at the shore full of boaters and jet skiers, burning up all that expensive fuel?” Hmm.

    Thanks for reminding us that we must listen to and read the news with a fine tooth comb in order to…in your words…”to be able to examine issues and events objectively.”


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