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Light the candles, dear; 


      our company is here!”

     You do it at home.  Do you do it at work?  Your “COMPANY” is anyone and everyone who comes into your office, store, showroom, factory, or outdoor or mobile worksite.  It’s anyone and everyone who visits your website, your blog, your email address, your mailbox, your telephone, your voicemail, your fax machine. 

     In fact, if you’re a true entrepreneur or dedicated and savvy corporate executive, your “company” is really anyone who steps into your life at any given moment, even including family gatherings! 

     It doesn’t take any more to make your “company” feel welcome than it does for others to make you feel welcome, and odds are that’s not a whole lot.  Usually, the slightest bit of extra attention does the trick—something so seemingly small as a smile, a warm and genuine handshake, a hand-written “Thank you!” or a smiley-face response to an email!

     Yes, all you tempermental, creative, self-indulgent types . . . you doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, chicken-pluckers, assemblyline workers, scientists, landscapers, construction contractors, professional athletes, (add your own list here) . . . yes, you need to take a page from salespeople and keep these thoughts on your front burners as you go about your business. 

     Life is one big interruption, so stop acting annoyed when your “company” interrupts what you’re doing!  Look on the moment as an opportunity to solidify your relationship and build a closer, more productive alliance.  

     Remember that your company’s company is probably sizing you up in the back of their minds as you respond to, interact with, or ignore them.  They want to feel reassurred that you are the right person for them (or those they represent) to do business with.  They are seeking some sign of integrity.  Integrity is a funny thing that always has a way of coming to the surface.

     Integrity is doing the right thing even when you think nobody is looking.    halalpiar

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  1. JJ Lochon 10 Jun 2008 at 11:31 am

    Great post for awareness!

    JJ 😀

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