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You’ve heard there’s no 


such thing as a “quick fix”


in business or family life?  


Take a step back, and 


look again! We quick-fix 


business strategies and  


personal relationships 


every day!



     When the local pizza business is in such an obscure location that it’s barely noticed by passing traffic, and puts a huge American flag by the road, then plants a temporary sign next to it that says OPEN with a pizza for the O, and a big fat arrow pointing to the hidden storefront . . . that’s a quick-fix!

     When there’s only enough cash to pay the rent and other basics, and a bank loan comes due, the business owner pressures the bank (it can be done!) into recasting the loan to delay and lower the payments . . . that’s a quick fix.

     When the normally busy builder has been unburdening his slow market frustrations by lashing out at his wife, and suddenly stops to face her, hold both her hands and talk calmly about his upsets . . . that’s a quick fix.

     When the skilled dentist who is losing appointments tries to take a patient point-of-view and notices how shabby her waiting room, how frayed and dated the magazines, how smudged the exam room light and windows are, then sets out to clean and straighten and replace and brighten, and add soft music to cover drilling sounds . . . that’s a quick fix.

     Do these steps work?  Of course they do, at least for the moment.  But what else is there?  Many corporate types might argue that only actions which are the product of long range planning make sense and make money.  Nonsense!  In the overall scheme of life, don’t we who own, run, operate, buy, start, or attempt to win at small business all live for the moment anyway?  Well?

     If you’re not a “here and now” thinking person, you may be a creative genius or a great inventor, but you’re probably not cut out to be an entrepreneur.  You’ll never survive the five year failure rate of something like 9 out of every 11 new businesses going down the tubes with a focus on the past or future, unless that focus is what you’re selling!  Best solution?  Find a job in corporate life, and let someone else worry about your paycheck!  Now THAT’S a quick fix!  

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    […]      Conversely, not many corporate types succeed with business startups.  Often, because they fail to realize that they must now pay the expense account submissions, turn out the lights, take out the trash, skip lunch and work far past the luxurious 9-5 weekdays they’re used to.  [See Archives post: "TO ENTREPRENEUR OR NOT TO ENTREPRENEUR?"   […]

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