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As reported in the 6/2/08 edition of DMNews a recently released study by on “Global consumer Internet activity” from a sample of 17,000 Internet users in 29 countries reveals: 

We, as a society, are now apparently

 overrun by what I am calling


     The bottom line is that we, as a society, are now apparently overrun by what I am calling “Blog-potatoes!”  According to the data cited, roughly 73% of Internet users “Read blogs” and 55% “Leave a comment on a blog” site.  Y’know what you 73% and you 55% need to do?  Get a life!  Good heavens, people, have you nothing better to do than absorb and contribute to the clutter of cyberspace immortality? 

     You think “immortality” is an exaggeration?  Just “Google yourself” and see how much crap you said or was said about you years ago, that you long forgot about, that’s still hanging around in some mystical floating frame of reference that seems never to have lost contact with our stratosphere, and that can still be printed out and used as evidence to make you look bad at tomorrow’s meeting!  Go ahead.  Check yourself out (on Google, that is!); you’ll be as amazed with your own sense of emerging maturity as you will with your inability to change or delete unsavory past references.  

     Doesn’t it make you wonder if Al Gore ever fully appreciated what a monster he created by inventing the Internet?  For the benefit of those younger Blog-potatoes (sorta like small-fries?) who may be wondering about this, I’m referring to a period of time that was (yes, it’s true) prior to Mr. Gore having also invented global warming.

     So, back to your Blog-potato lifestyle as it were, assuming one exists beyond Net surfing, and leaving your busy little trail of blog posting comments across the universe, maybe (oh, I know this is difficult). maybe you could do something a little more a c t i v e ?   Perhaps, even if it’s just for the sake of those around you, you might consider bringing yourself to a point of at least some token moderate level of movement that actually engages whatever remains of your musculoskeletal functioning.  Like, get off your butt and get some exercise and fresh air.  Or at least go take a shower?

     Sorry.  My imagination gets a bit carried away when I think about what it must be like to live like a sloth with a monitor and keyboard.  Well, right, okay, I do realize that sloths tend to hang upsidedown much of the time . . . though the ratio of showers taken may be closer than one might guess.

     Anyway, I love getting blog posting comments, but I would much prefer to think that those of you who’ll pass up the opportunity here will instead be out there getting your collective bodies in motion, and your brains dislodged from electronic transmissions.  It truly is a great experience to get your bloodflow and oxygen supply moving somewhere — anywhere.  Have a great, active, No-Blog Day!         halalpiar

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