REALITY THERAPY . . . 2 Sides To The Coin!

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 “If only


I knew then


    what I know





     This is not just a wistful daydream of lost love affairs.  It is a reflective statement. Is it most typically expressed by those who are too old to actually do anything about what they’ve learned in life?  Or is it the kind of comment we might expect to hear from those who think and behave “old” for their years, who don’t see or even consider the acceptability of alternative paths?

     “If only . . . “   Is it somehow more legitimate an offering when it comes from someone who’s survived the clutches of physical or emotional death?

  Is living on the flip side of “If only . . .” a healthier place to be?  I mean, I rarely if ever recall hearing such regretfulness from those who possess the gift of street smarts, those who accept and practice the reality that some action is always better than no action, who take steps on their own behalfs, seem hellbent on success and most often achieve it.  Could it be that those who most readily accept and appreciate the need to take reasonable risks are better off than those who take none?

  Asking oneself “What’s the worst that could happen?” is like bringing a parachute along, not necessarily a bad thing!  And weighing the worst case scenerio keeps us in balance as we move forward.

But the truly earth-shattering question to ask the mirror on your wall (or car, or medicine cabinet, or pocketbook), the question whose answer determines the worth of every minute of life for every human being, the question whose answer sees determined, dedicated and motivated teams and individuals make their way confidently through devastation, addiction, and seemingly insurmountable losses . . . the question to ask yourself over and over again each day and night:

Is what I am (we are) doing

this very minute

leading me (us) to where

I (we) want to go?

(Try asking yourself this question ten times a day for one week.)

You’ll amaze yourself! 


Whenever your answer is “No,” take a deep breath, shift emotional gears, change the station in your head, and move yourself into a more productive direction.  Hard to do this?  Yes, if you choose for it to be.

Does this mean you always have to be charging forward?  No, pausing and resting are ways of gathering strength.  It’s a matter of focus, and staying tuned in to the present here and now moment as much as possible.  Did you know that then?  Do you know it now?

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