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Whether fresh out of school in a first job, or shouldering a few decades of experience, success in business is never what it seems. It is clearly not determined by the single-minded pursuit of money, sales, recognition, and profits that many think it is! 


     Having worked as a consultant and trainer with thousands of entrepreneurial small business owners, educators, healthcare professionals, and professional corporate managers, I have seen firsthand that financial, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual success is driven by one single pursuit:  the never-ending quest to know and function from your true inner SELF! 

     Only by learning all that you can about your personal SELF, about what makes you tick, can you begin to appreciate and exercise the one magic ingredient that makes everything else in your life and business career work together and count for something. 

It’s called authenticity. 

And it can be yours at the drop of a hat simply by choosing to open your mind each day, and let some self-learning sunshine in.


     But why on earth, you might ask, would you want to know more about yourself?  Why would you want to take the risk of finding hidden personality flaws, judgemental errors and character weaknesses that you’d rather leave locked in the closet?

Because no matter how liberal or conservative your thinking, no matter how hard-nosed or soft-hearted your attitude, no matter how energetic or lazy your behavior, no matter how rich or poor your finances, no matter how big or how little your business, you can never be truly effective as a manager of people or tasks unless you are acting from a position of authenticity. 


     Besides, an open closet door allows your strengths to step forth and be recognized as well!

     Only by constantly making the effort to learn more about yourself with every passing day, and to process both how and what you learn, can you ever reach your full human potential. 

     Only by seeking always to improve who you are and what you think and do, are you making decisions, taking steps, and dealing with others in a manner that’s true to what you’re all about as a person . . . and that are consistent with your genuine feelings about who you are and the world you live in.  Think about that, for just five minutes.        


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