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     A basic tenet of organizational development is that the solution to any group or organization problem lies within the group or organization that has the problem. 

     When your objective (which is simply the flip version of the problem) is clearly defined, the strategies (or thinking avenues for achieving the objective, whether business or personal) must come from inside the individual or inside the organization that’s in pursuit of the goal.  It’s unreasonable to expect an outsider to understand enough of what has prompted the goal that’s been set to be able to step in and produce meaningful strategic results.

     If you had a marital problem, would you depend completely on a step-by-step solution plan that’s handed you by someone who neither you nor your spouse has any history with (even if that someone has professional credentials)? 

     Businesses that rely on strategies put together by outside consultants—strategies based on research and analysis done by outside consultants—are not making the most of their own organizational and management team strengths.  And I promise you the odds are that they are probably wasting large amounts of time and money in the process. 

     Some of the most highly-credentialed and most reputable marketing and advertising firms in the world would readily admit in moments of weakness, that huge amounts of client research is done and has been done not to discover directions to take in creative and media development, but to justify what they have already dreamed up and have hidden away and plan to parade out at the appropriate time . . . all as part of an overall scheme for expending more hours to justify increased fees. 

     Yes, I know this for a fact. 

     The bottom line:  No one knows you better than you.  No one knows your business organization better than your business organization’s management team.  Knowledge is strength.  Take advantage of your strengths, or find a good coach who can help you take advantage of your strengths.  But do it!                            halalpiar            

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