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Let it go, let it go, let it go.


Oh, “snow”? Okay . . .


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Why is it that those most in need of breaking out of workaholic life patterns are the ones most resistant to the suggestion that they consider doing this? 

They’re afraid to let go.  Can their egos be so powerful that they can’t believe the rest of the world and their own business interests could possibly continue to survive without them?  Sometimes.  Would they rather drive themselves into a cardiac ward, or a grave, and know that they “never gave up the ship”?  Often, I believe.

I’m not talking about people who love and enjoy their work, and who thrive and flow with the challenges and joys they cultivate from the daily tasks that face them. 

 That’s probably only 5-10% of the world’s population!

I’m referring to those who prefer to live as slaves to their egos and never acknowledge the distorted thinking that engulfs them.  It’s alot like being mentally retarded.  The difference is that people with this “disorder” have the ability to choose. 

For those caught up in career stagnation, it’s too threatening to even consider change.  Instead they must invest themselves in maintaining the status quo at all costs.  As renowned therapist and author Virginia Satir points out, these people “get dried up and shriveled up” and go nowhere. 

And don’t you think this preoccupation with lethargy affects family growth and growth opportunities for those who work with them?  You’d better believe it!  Look around for status quo seekers.  They’re everywhere, harboring pain and misery . . . and transferring their own inadequacies and choices not to choose and not to change, to others around them. 

How dim the lights that light these lives.  How stagnant the businesses they run.  How rebellious the children they raise.  How inhibited their mates and partners.  How little the true brightness of life shines upon them.  

Odds are, unless you’re a shrink, you’ll never change these behaviors in someone else.  So do the next best thing: 

Surround as much of YOUR life as you can every day with people and circumstances that project brilliance and fun and positive attitudes and positive behaviors. 

Your business life and business interests (and personal life as well) will prosper by every measure.  


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