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Entrepreneurship?  It’s flyin’ by the seat of your pants and shootin’ from the hip! 

  • It’s working late, turning out the lights and taking out the trash yourself!  It’s taking risks, but only reasonable ones! 
  • It’s having nobody tell you what to do . . . but you can’t take sick days, personal days, or much of a vacation! 
  • It’s being able to stop and turn on a dime! 
  • It’s tough money times, physical exhaustion, a brain drain, joltingly competitive at every turn, and fed by a never-ending stream of shocking surprises. 
  • But those who live it wouldn’t trade it for anything!  It’s a workaholic and business junkie all rolled into one.  It’s all about the excitement of making your idea work!

     Entrepreneurship is indeed all of those things, and more, but the common thread is attitude.  Entrepreneurs are individuals who instinctively or who have learned to believe in themselves and their ideas above all others.  They are curious, inquisitive, if not feisty explorers.  They are motivated by and focused on making their ideas work, not—contrary to popular opinion—on making money.  Money is something that happens when their ideas work.

I kood hardly even spelt ontrahprenoor, 

and now I are one!

     It’s the kids with the lemonade stands, the ones who go door-to-door selling stuff they find in their basements, attics, garages, or closets, who have entrepreneurial instincts and attitudes to begin with.  

     A common characteristic shared by many successful entrepreneurs is that they were lousy students in school, didn’t like being controlled and organized or told what to do, and would often go far beyond the simple science lab experiment, to nearly blow out the windows! 

     But these aren’t the only kids who grow up to succeed in self-owned and self-managed business!  Many others stumble into entrepreneurial attitudes along the way.  And still others are actually taught.  Entrepreneur schools and college level programs that have reached mainstream academia now crank out thousands of graduates each year. 

     Those who are “made” entrepreneurs often go on to successful careers minus many of the black and blue marks that come along with the trial and error, on-the-job learning we tend to associate with traditional “born” entrepreneurs. 

     More on this coming soon includes a bird’s eye view into specialized entrepreneur functioning in unexpected places!          halalpiar 

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