BUSINESS OWNERS AND MANAGERS: Is it time to “Delete” Customer Service?

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     If everyone in your organization knew how to deal effectively with customers, you wouldn’t need any Customer Service Reps!  

     Imagine if every customer point of contact with your employees (regardless of position, title, location, salary, or responsibility) could be met with smiling eyes and patient, understanding, cooperative attitudes . . . and then, produce knowledgable, genuinely helpful, and respectful responses . . . in person, in writing and on the phone.  A dream?  No.  Read on!  

     Think of the money you’d save and profits you could spur by not having to pay soft (non-bottom line contributing) salaries.  Think of the reputation you’d gain in the industry, the community.  Imagine how thrilled your customers would be to realize that literally ANYone they’d be speaking with in your organization would be capable of resolving any issue or problem, or addressing any need?  Impossible?  Sure, if you choose for it to be.  On the other hand . . .

     Have you ever dealt with LL Bean?  They come pretty close.  And this is not a stagnant old family business; they’ve managed to stay up with the times, even lead the way, by sticking to the basics of providing exceptional customer service at every level.  Does it pay?  You can look up their net worth, but it should suffice to say they are presently on the way to opening some 30+ new stores!

     Where to begin?  Goal-setting (See my post for May 7) and strategy development (See my post for May 2).  Then do it!  Hire a management trainer with experience in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), who will custom-design a program to suit your objective and strategies, as well as your budget.  Qualified individuals or “Tag-team” trainers will do better work than a training company of dozens or more who will be inclined to “overkill” and overcharge.                    halalpiar

[See for more information on Hal’s training background.  He designs and delivers customized customer service training programs for management and staff . . . results? . . . numerous small and mid-sized companies have been able to restructure their approaches to customer relationship management and re-direct the salaries saved to punch up revenue and profit-producing areas!]     

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