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     Yes, I am the same Hal Alpiar you knew years ago but, under the influence of modern technology and for inexplicable blogging purposes, now better known as halalpiar. 

     I am the same writer, only better; the same cynic, only softened; the same lover of Golden Retrievers; the same liberal-turned-conservative-born-of-conservative-once-turned-liberal until I saw the light. You may have known me under different labels and banners, but ALWAYS and forever only under one proud American flag.

     I’m hopeful you’ll see something here on one of these pages under one of the tabs you click on above that will strike you like buckshot in the butt! 

     It would be a great thing for me to know that something I wrote sends you up into the air off your feet and screaming out of the room, or able to rest your weary head on your keyboard and dream of sunshine, passing clouds and bumbling puppies.

     Whatever response you have or don’t have, please take a minute to let me know, give me subjects to attack or food to eat, or feelings to drink. I’m anxious to hear back from you today. Hugs to one and all (and even a few trees, here and there).  – halalpiar  

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