Nov 23 2008



Well, let’s see, in just this one single week, for the recap benefit of those who have been kind enough and masochistic enough to visit my bloggerings regularly, we have:

  • slept with the boss

  • gotten physical, occupational, speech, and psycho therapy

  • ordered $100,000 worth of astronaut tools for Christmas

  • Read firsthand witness reports of NASCAR-finalist dump truck drivers on the NJ Turnpike, and been outmaneuvered on the road entering downtown Wilmington by two multi-tasking champion bimbettes, and . . . 

  • Re-visited the whole outrageous idea of authenticity! 


What more could you ask for? 

And in the middle of it all, we still managed to continue the increasingly infamous 7-word story [See note below the # # # if you’re not familiar with this ongoing challenge to the clever-witted young-at-heart literary community out there, seeking a publishing venue for their talents] 

Now if ever there was an exciting week down in the blogmines (blogmires?), this has to have been it!  I mean where else can you get all that in one fell swoop, so to speak? 

And where does that leave us off for NEXT week?  Well, I could always suggest, for the more automotive-minded among you, to check out the blog site I do for my friends at I.G. Burton car,  truck, and bus Dealerships in Milford and Seaford Delaware. 

It’s for all the best and latest new and pre-owned Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Blue Bird Busses to be exact.  In fact, the post before tonight’s for them was offering a FREE MERCEDES!  Now sit there and tell me you could pass this up.  Anyway, see y’all tomorrow with new and exciting stuff!  Off to watch “24”!   halalpiar

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Nov 19 2008

Dump Truck and Bimbettemobile Drivers

Straying off the subject of


business life for tonight . . . 


     A whole lot of driving this week leaves me thinking that — for the first time I can ever remember– it’s time to be prejudiced. 

     First off, if you drive a dump truck and –unlikely though it may be– you are actually reading this, you are not going to like what I have to say. 

     You know the vision most people have when you mention certain careers, like road crew flagger and cone placement professionals? 

     Well, it seems to me after a lifetime of driving every conceivable type of road in thirty different states and dozens of different countries that –generally speaking– dump truck drivers are reckless, power-crazed airheads who harbor secret visions of grandeur imagining themselves as NASCAR champions. 

     Judging by the speeds I often see them traveling, the no-signal lane changing they’re notarious for, they place no value on their lives or anyone elses.  These drivers must have to pass a duh test. 

     Is it possible these people could really be as oblivious to the reality of responsibility that accompanies the operation of relatively inflexible, unstable mega-ton vehicles as they appear to be?

     Well, I know, I shouldn’t pick on dump truck drivers.  They have to make a living too. 

     Okay, let’s move on. 

     Ah, but while I’m on it, there is one worse category of drivers.  I know I should get off of this, but having been the centerpiece of a maniacal four dump truck race on the New Jersey Turnpike earlier today . . . well. 

     So what driver group is worse?  But you shouldn’t need to ask.  Just look around you on the roads.  When’s the last time you saw a 20-35 year-old female driver who wasn’t driving while operating a handheld cellphone (speaking or text-messaging!) and either brushing her hair or smoking a cigarette or picking her teeth (or pimples, eek!) . . . and probably decibelling up her CD player, dancing around, chewing gum (they always chew gum!). 

     Yeah, the same ones with the graduation tassels, dice, baby booties, Native American dream catchers, prisms, and other dangling decorations hanging from the rearview mirrors — you know, those sneaky-peeky little vehicle amenities that make things appear closer than they really are, that are used primarily for guy-watching in the cars and trucks behind them. 

     Yup, lucky me, had one on each side of me this week, champion multitaskers, heading into downtown Wilmington.

     Then there was the double-length Rutgers University bus that nearly ran me off the road tonight as I cruised quietly along at the speed limit on Rt. 1 in New Brunswick.  Probably getting in some last-minute practice for Saturday’s football game traffic.  Ah, well, somehow I managed to survive it all so I can drive some more tomorrow.  Be Safe!     Halalpiar

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Check out and contribute to the daily growing 7-Word Story started 71 days ago (inside a coffin).  Click on the link to the right, or go to the “BOOKS” tab at the top of this page, then to the top headline link.

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