Apr 24 2011

YOU are your own stimulus package!





For you who have been with this from the beginning (April 24, 2008), and those who have joined and visited along the way, thank you so very much! I hope you will continue to visit, comment, subscribe, and urge your business, personal, and professional growth-minded friends and associates to stop by. And please comment or email me anytime: Hal@Businessworks.US. Following is an updated version of a post from April 24, 2009.

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“I am me. In all the world,


there is no one else


 exactly like me. 


I am OK!”


–Virginia Satir


     Run your own business? Post the above 18 words on your dashboard, mirror and refrigerator . . . Why? Because even entrepreneurs need reassurance, and especially when economic uncertainties have a way of making us all feel like too many things–often including our selves–are sometimes NOT okay.

     Have you ever felt like that, or am I just imagining it? Have you felt like that more in recent times than in the past? Do you sometimes think maybe the news media is trying to sink your ship by heaping negative economy stories on your already overburdened shoulders?

Does it start to feel suffocating?

Do you step back every once in a while and start to question your own self-worth?

Get out of it!

Rattle your cage!

Change the channel!

Shut down the news!


     Do you really need to take the murders, muggings, accidents, freaky and bizarre incidents and people, and the incessant dwelling on negativity to bed with you every night? Do you really need to wake up with it every morning? 

     What would happen if you shut it all down for a few days and used the time instead to relax your brain and remind yourself how truly special and unique you are? Do you really think you would miss much? If you have doubts, take a quick trip (to the library or on Google) through past newspaper headlines.

Go back 20, 50, 100 years!


The names and locations change, but the stories are mostly the same.

It will be like missing a week of General Hospital.

Nothing new goes on.


     As a sort of sports version of the old expression to do reality checks by pinching yourself, I don’t recommend the method former baseball slugger Bobby Bonilla used to practice, but the idea worked for him; every at-bat, he hit himself on his helmet with his bat just before stepping up to the plate. You can be sure it helped him focus his attention.

     SOMEthing that only you know about can be a “focus trigger” for you. Take a minute and think about that one thing. What snaps your awareness back when your mind starts to drift? Figure it out and use it more.

     Snap your brain back to the reality that YOU ARE UNIQUE. That awareness, and following the path of reality that it conjures up, is discovering that YOU are your own best Small Business Stimulus Package.

     In other words, get yourself cranked up, and keep yourself cranked up. It’s catching, and others –internal customers (like associates, employees and vendors) as well as external customers will respond in ways that bring you more business.

     Remember that what you love doing best is what you do best, and appreciating your self more will help you succeed at doing what you do best. Now THAT’s a stimulus package!  


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