Mar 31 2010

Lowest US Job-Satisfaction in 22 Years!









     It’s the worst it’s been in over two decades. The 2010 Conference Board survey underscores that Americans are not making good choices for themselves and their employers are making even worse ones!

     With more than half of the 90% of Americans who are lucky enough to be employed reportedly UNhappy with their employment, we may have an even bigger problem than job creation!

    Fortunately, it’s easier as a business owner or manager to do something about unhappy employees than it is to create and pay for new ones, especially when no realistic job creation incentives exist.

     Sure, a lot of people are unhappy with their jobs because the economy has cut their pay and benefits off at the knees, and maybe you can’t do anything about that right now — but you can provide more opportunities for employee involvement beginning right this minute.

     You can do a better job of engaging and motivating employees beginning right this minute.

     You can do a better job of promoting pride of workmanship (no matter what the job, product, service, industry or profession is). When? You got it: beginning right this minute.

     Is it worth it? Of course, unless you’re ready to just let go of your top performers without a fight. The longer you delay with pulling these “best people” into the boat, the higher the odds go every day that they will certainly get lured into a bigger, better-run boat.

     The longer you wait to throw a tow line to those who are floundering and dog-paddling around or who are trying to stay out of sight by swimming underwater around your boat, the more money you’re wasting everyday paying for what you’re not getting.

     Don’t shoot the messenger, but job creation needs government support that’s not coming. The token talk isn’t any more valuable than a handful of ping-pong balls thrown to someone who’s drowning.

     So, with that reality in your pocket, the only choice is to do whatever has to be done to pump up sales (note: not saving on utilities . . . pumping up sales; saving expenses does not make money). Increased sales generate increased revenues. By containing the greed factor, increased revenues should lead to increased profits. Increased profits allow you to create new jobs! BINGO! Economic turnaround.

     But let’s not forget that the key to all this is for you to initiate an immediate job satisfaction turnaround!

     If you can’t save your best people and get your weakest swimmers into life-vests and keep everyone involved with genuine and transparent leadership activities, with teaching by example, with sincere compliments and back pats, you’re in trouble.

     If you think this is all unnecessary stuff, you are sadly mistaken. You are choosing fantasy over reality. You are not appreciating that while none of this may be important to you, it’s life or death to other people’s job happiness.

     Right now more than half your people are not in the boat. It’s pretty hard to be a leader if you don’t have any followers. Need some help? 302.933.0116. or Hal@BusinessWorks.US — I’m here.      

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Dec 06 2008


“I coont efen spel




an’ now I are one!”


     So you’re tired of working for someone else and want to be your own boss, eh?  You know people who’ve done it successfully and wonder what they have that you don’t? 

     Well, here’s an Entrepreneur Personality Test from Dr. Alan Jacobowitz.  Count the number of “yes” and “no” answers you give:

Here we go:

  1. When you were very young, were your parents, close relatives or close friends entrepreneurs?

  2. Did any of that business carry over into your home while you were growing up? 

  3. Did you have a lemonade stand or a paper route as a kid?

  4. Was your academic record in school less than outstanding?

  5. Did you feel like an outsider with school classmates?

  6. Were you often scolded, punished or reprimanded for your school behavior?

  7. And TODAY, do you have difficulty getting satisfaction from any job with a large firm?

  8. Do you often feel that you could do a better job than your boss?

  9. Would you rather play sports than watch them on television?

  10. With books and magazines, do you prefer nonfiction to fiction?

  11. Have you ever been fired from a job or left one under pressure?

  12. Do you almost never lose sleep at night over your work or personal business?

  13. Would you rather jump into a project than plan one?

  14. Would you consider yourself decisive, a good thinker on your feet?

  15. Are you active in community affairs?

If you answered “yes” to 12 or more of the above questions, and you are not an entrepreneur already, you may be missing your big chance.  Tune in tomorrow to see if I can discourage you!  halalpiar   

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