Jun 07 2011

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 Must Rise Again!


Mandated healthcare on the horizon means overwhelming long-term expenses for small business as well as families and individuals who are not illegal immigrants or who are not sponging off government giveaway programs. (Legitimately handicapped and legitimately unemployed, a clear minority, are among those who truly need help.)
I’m referring to the quiet majority of government program beneficiaries, the ones who know who they are and who know better than to make waves.

The ones who think they’re entitled.

The ones the rest of society are paying for, and will be paying for at brain-rattling increased amounts as we get closer and closer to the Administrations “share the wealth” healthcare debacle.

Well, perhaps I shouldn’t be so presumptuous. After all, there certainly are some people out there who believe in and are heavily invested in every form of globalization and “greenery,” who can barely wait to throw their money out the window for passing vagrants to grab and run to the nearest cigarette and liquor stores.
Oh, but you don’t understand, a liberal-minded neighbor told me in defense of those who love the tax and spend mentality that fuels globalization and all those “sustainability” efforts. Without sharing the wealth, I was told, folks like those you describe would turn violent to get their smoke and drink fixes. It’d be like living in a Steven King novel.

(and then came the great afterthought following a “Tsk, tsk” pause):

Besides, they’ve had terrible lives; who can blame them?

Y’gotta be kidding!


First off, we choose who we are and we choose how we behave and think and no one’s a victim of the past unless she or he chooses to be. Poor potty training at 3 years-old has no bearing on success at 13, or 23, or 33, or 43. or… 

Cesar Milan (“The Dog Whisperer“) was born in Mexico and raised into the depths of poverty and despair. Yet he battled his way to Los Angeles, learned English, earned his citizenship, found honest work, and has made great contributions to society while earning millions of dollars, and a household name among the world’s dog-owners.

What, you need more than one example? I could fill this blog for the rest of my life with stories like his.

The point is that giving opportunities to those who don’t choose them, want them, or show willingness to earn them, simply breeds dependency. This may be something the control-crazed Obama Administration actually seeks, but a healthy attitude, it’s not.
So what does this have to do with small business? my neighbor snorted.

Sharing the wealth with those who are unwilling to “earn their keep” stimulates unemployment.

Why work if you can eat for free, sleep for free, go to school for free, get medical care for free, even get cash (our hard-earned tax dollars) for free?

Hey, life is great, ain’t it? So who cares about jobs?

GREAT incentives for small business, huh?


This isn’t all about whining, anger and complaining. In fact, none of it is. I’ve worked more hours in my lifetime than most people live. And I’m not resentful of those who figure out how not to work.
I am disappointed that I was ever so dumb to think that government would never double-cross our Constitution, that anyone with enough power could turn serving the people of America into a private power play for serving himself at the expense of us all, and especially at the pronounced expense of small business.
Because it’s small business that built and grew America.

Small Business

(Remember there are 30 million of us!)

Must Rise Again.


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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson] 

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Apr 26 2011

Is it worth going to work tomorrow?

 Reported today on satellite radio news . . .


Nearly 20% of all U.S. income


now comes from the




Why bother working





  • THANKS TO: Our never-ending bad economy that we’ve been hearing for two-and-a-half years has repeatedly “turned the corner” and is “getting better” (uh, do politicians ever fill their gas tanks, notice foreclosures, or artificially-inflated unemployment rates?)

  • THANKS TO: The complete absence of decisive leadership in the White House (which serves among many other things, to facilitate the evaporation of America’s world leadership posture and respect, and actually set us on a track of anxious retreat in the eyes of emerging nations). 

  • THANKS TO: Mr. Obama’s incessant efforts to create boundless dependency on government incompetence (dramatically marked by government’s ever-present lack of business sense, business experience, businesslike conduct, and entrepreneurial spirit . . . the same entrepreneurial spirit that made America great to start with!).

  • THANKS TO: The reckless government spending sprees that embrace idealistic socialist agendas at the expense of citizens losing their jobs, their homes, and their dignity (and front and center is the utter insanity that’s responsible for continuing efforts to ram a cataclysmic-ally extravagant and dibilitatingly expensive healthcare plan down the already constricted throats of small business).

Now you perhaps know more than you want to know, but –ah– what’s behind this leading of lambs to slaughter?

Could it possibly be that we have a government intent on gaining voter control by making all citizens and businesses beholden and grateful for the survivalist handouts that ooze out of wasted government programs?

And how do we initiate a great escape? How do we ever return to the solidity of national purpose and world respect and the high human standards this nation has been built on?

The answer, my friends, is NOT “blowin’ in the wind.”


The answer is NOT in redistributing the wealth, nor in providing safe haven to all illegal immigrants, nor taxing small businesses –literally– to death.

The answer is in taking action now. The answer is in standing tall for your small business enterprise and ambitions. The answer is in voicing your objections to increased and increasing government control and over-regulation. The answer is in doing the very best you can possibly do every day to strengthen and anchor your business interests.

The answer is to fight corruption and politics

with integrity and heart,


The answer is to light your own fire and keep it burning in the minds of all those who support you and the work you do — your employees, customers, suppliers, advisors, investors, and the geographical communities where your business lives.

The answer lies within the purpose of your business soul.

Take your opportunities and run with them.  


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 “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson]

Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals. God Bless You.

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