Dec 11 2008


Okay, literary types


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happened to have stumbled on this post today) –


Here’s the first paragraph of my work-in-progress, as submitted today to Curtis Brown Literary Agent Nathan Bransford for consideration in his unofficial first paragraph of works-in-progress contest.  Please tell me YOUR response! 


Please be straightforward, honest, and bare-knuckled.  Does this sound like a book you would consider purchasing?  Why or why not?


She’s the only one who knows the professor’s been mobster-muscled into this impossible middle-of-the-night task. As he trudges through freezing desolate winter wetlands mud and drizzle in search of a hundred-pound dead turtle, she paces. She’ll work on it with him once he finds it and brings it back, but for now, Maddigan is on his own. He must trek through miles of slop to locate the corpse that’s anchored into the mud and ice-slick weeds at some vaguely calibrated point aligned with a corona-enwreathed Atlantic City skyline he can scarcely see. Once he’s there, and pulls it from the sucking mud, hefts it to his shoulder, and lugs it back to the Jeep, he must get it home.  He knows JP will then be waiting —with hatchet, knives and crowbar— to help him find the embedded microchip.”


Thank you! Hal

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