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Think “Shrink”!


Are you a basket case business owner?



Let’s face it, fellow entrepreneurs, everyone is dysfunctional. The experts (whoever they are) proclaim to the universe of both trained and self-designated shrinks out there that everyone comes from a dysfunctional family. Well? Has it ever occurred to you that if each of us has a dysfunctional family, then each of us must also be… hmm?

Okay, so the sanity playing field is now level. So, going forward, let’s just accept that every entrepreneur (us included) is at least in part a psychological mess. Could it be the reason we tend to be so compulsive about so many things? Could it be the reason we tend to be over-stressed and over-react?

Maybe it’s why we jump so abruptly from one thing to another (vs. corporate guys who take the opposite extreme approach of belaboring and analyzing every issue to death, proving their mettle by seeing it all the way through to completion).

Success though is very much about balance, about keeping the highs and lows and the jumping around and the analysis paralysis on an even keel. Moderation is the king of balance. If, for example. we respond instead of react to words, actions, people, ideas , and situations, then there is no possibility of ever OVER-reacting.

Well, that makes sense, but isn’ it easier said than done? How do we get ourselves to respond instead of react when our fuses get ignited? Maybe get a longer fuse. Maybe keep your fuse away from ignition switches and spontaneous combustion dynamics . . .  kind of like not putting yourself intentionally in harm’s way.

It’s a choice. Let’s try that once more with feeling:

IT’S A CHOICE! Choose how-to steps like these:


First aid techniques include cold water on your face (perhaps a cold shower, depending on circumstances), washing your hands, taking a couple of quick deep breaths, briskly rubbing your temples or the back of your neck, taking a walk around the block, or saying a prayer of thanks for what you have in your life today.

In police crisis intervention training, the number one objective of any “domestic call” (usually a family dispute, and the source of more police injuries and fatalities than any other type of call, including robberies and high speed chases!) is to physically separate the warring parties into different rooms or spaces.

A business derivative of this is to physically separate yourself from a conflict situation long enough to gain or re-gain composure. There is no purpose to be served by “toughing it out”. . . save that notion for your next movie script, or sports field heroics. Reacting and over-reacting have no place in business. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

SHRINK YOURSELF OUT! Get in front of that mirror. Make an angry face and decide how that looks. Next, take a deep breath and briskly rub your cheeks and forehead for 5-10 seconds. Now smile your best, most genuine smile. How does that look and feel? How hard was to switch gears? You can do that whenever you want. Choice.


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Apr 13 2011

You Are Your Business

Take a step back.


Take a deep breath. 


 Take stock of 


where you are.



If your business is your life, you are obviously not a corporate type or some government flunky. Only true entrepreneurs make their businesses their lives. And only true entrepreneurs need a crowbar to separate the two. This is good and bad. Good because your business will succeed. Bad because–in the process–you the person may not. 

You need a “HOW GOES IT?” meeting

with yourself, now, today, tonight, at sunrise!


You need to not make excuses for delaying it. At the rate government continues to ravage America’s 30 million small businesses, you cannot afford a delay past this coming weekend. I know, it’s a family deal coming; it’s your only chance to see Lady Gaga; it’s income taxes; it’s . . . STOP! Take some deep breaths.

This is not a half-baked suggestion to do some fancy inventory of your customers, branding program or finances, though it’s hard to do too much of that. This is an informal step-back-out-of-the-woods assessment point in time which healthy successful entrepreneurs make a habit of practicing every couple of months (at least quarterly).

  • Start with a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for two hours by cell phones, radio or TV reception, machinery, other people or barking dogs. (Sunrises are great!) Walk on the beach, through the woods or in a quiet park . . . or just sit parked in your car. Bring a pen and notepad (no keyboards or keypads).

  • Write down one single sentence that best describes where your business is right now. Follow that with another sentence that best describes where you are right now — physically, mentally, emotionally. Be honest. It’s just for your brain. No one else need ever see this piece of paper.

  • Next , write one single sentence that best describes where you believe it’s possible to take your business within the next six months. Follow that sentence with one that best describes where you believe it’s possible to take your self (physically, mentally, emotionally) within the next six months.

  • Spend the next hour studying these four sentences and diagramming how you think you can get from one to the other, and how you see them coming together or depending on one another. Then write down the three action steps you’re willing to take right now to get started moving from where you are to where you’re headed. Prioritize them.


Two hours out of your life that will positively improve your life (and your business) and you just saved all that business consultant and psychotherapy money.

You can be your own best shrink!

(Unless you choose to put off having a “HOW GOES IT” session with yourself —  in which case, the couple a hundred bucks an hour fees will probably be a worthy investment.)


P.S. When you get good at this process, start introducing it in your “big picture” work with employees and key customers. Everybody loves having the opportunity to participate in doing positive attitude-focused diagnostic workups and developing treatment plans aimed at improving work options and customer service performance.  


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