LITERARY AGENTS – THE FLIP SIDE (part II of two-part post — see part I below)

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     Staying with this topic, and in all fairness to squirrels, literary agents DO receive hundreds of query letters and manuscripts a week; some get hundreds every day! 

     I guess the point here being that because all of us can read and tell stories, all of us think we can write and write the stories we tell. We also all think we can write the stories we tell and make a living at it, or at least create a sizeable boost in income. So we write a story and send it off to literary agents who will undoubtedly make us rich. 

     Okay, let’s put that aside for a minute and look at the fact that literary agentdom may have a disproportionate share of inconsiderate literary agencies and prima donna literary agent individuals. 

     If you’re a writer, you already know this. If you’re an agent, you may be somewhat shocked to find out how pervasive the inflated sense of self-importance is in your profession, and that many rank and file agents (and some top ones) lack even the most basic instincts for courtesy and sense of customer satisfaction. 

     Ah, but I do not wish to bash the hands that will one day soon hopefully feed me! 

     So let’s instead attack the real problem: society’s breeding ground for incompetence, neuroses, and wannabes also referred to as “The Media.” 

     After all, were it not for the nonstop bombardment of media crap and crappy media people we’re exposed to, writers might be more realistic in their expectations of agents.

     What? Yeah, we get killed all day by people who claim to be reporting and providing facts who are simply opinionating and giving us garbage. Does it really matter what some news anchor thinks about what one Presidential candidate says about her or his competitor? Does it matter whether a “reporter” thinks lies and truths are convenient or inconvenient?

     Please, people. How is a writer to write with so much irrelevant fantasy as a backdrop? No wonder we all enjoy escaping into Harry Potter’s adventures. If you’re a writer, see you again soon. If you’re an agent, please do come back . . . but not as a squirrel. Thanks.  halalpiar   

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