Feb 10 2023


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Guess What? Everyone has ambitions of some kind. So what are yours? Are they realistic? Are they solid or shaky? Does your “skill-set” fit your goal pursuits? What are your pursuits?

What are your life ambitions? What kind of fuel does your engine need? What’s your quest based on? Art? Music? Photography? Sports? Gaming? People or Time or Property Management? Construction? Craftsmanship? Teaching? Religion? Computer Skills?

. . . Or something totally unique?

Are you gifted with an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you a spectacular cook? Teacher? Writer? Computer Whizz? Stage Performer? Or are you an Inventor? Have you some great technical or athletic or cleaning or repair skills???

Okay, now that your brain’s rattling, what are you doing (or planning to do) with that skillset of yours? What do you think you could be doing with it? When? How soon? What is it that’s holding you back? Why? So, what is it you would have to do first? What’s the first step? HOW do you get yourself started and stay motivated when things don’t go as you planned or dreamed?

How do you reach that goal or quest or ambition of yours?

The best way to RE-start is to:

1. FORCE YOURSELF to find some uninterrupted chunks of time that allow you to dream and research and set realistic goals with flexible, realistic paths to pursue . . . AND:

2. SET UP some productivity discussion sessions with one or two people who you know have achieved entrepreneurial success and who would be willing to give you some periodic chunks of meeting and/or telephone or email or Zoom time to help you get (and stay) on course with your pursuits!

Bon Voyage and Happy Entrepreneuring!

c Copyright Hal Alpiar (Hal@Businessworks.US) 2/2/2023

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Aug 23 2022


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In Business and in Life, when you ask a question, listen carefully to the answers, withhold judgement, and stop to think about what and who it is that you hear.

You are certain to end up with a stronger, more meaningful judgement and more productive/constructive conclusion than when you might simply react. . . or get your shovel out and start to dig before asking and listening more carefully!

We all forget this great advice from time-to-time, and that’s okay, but not questioning and not listening carefully to a response is not okay. In other words, making unfounded assumptions without checking details is NOT okay, and is —in fact— “Risky Business.” It’s always better to ask too many questions than to draw too many conclusions!

In business, and elsewhere in life, we frequently find ourselves questioning and judging others with evidence that can often appear “obvious” on the surface, but that often turns out to be unfounded, manipulated, biased or even 100% untrue!

Every human-being experiences life’s trials and tribulations and the conclusions that others offer differently, and each of us is often subjected to uninformed and prejudicial judgements without realizing it because we may trust the source.

Sources and appearances are truly not always what they seem. How often have you considered the source(s) of information a cover up, only to discover what you saw or heard was actually 100% rooted in truth? Or: vice versa?

When appearances and hearsay seem to underscore “obvious” faults, it’s easy to accuse someone who appears to have acted or spoken in some questionable manner of being bazaar, thoughtless, even “sick” or “completely out of touch.”

Judgements and even “see for yourself” and “cut and dried” evidence can be easily misrepresented or misinterpreted . . . important opinions and opiniated questions and answers need to be fully-explored, even when they appear obvious . . . and this is especially true when the source is prejudiced, acting vindicated (or apart from the circumstances) and unaware or seeking justification . . . it’s your choice!

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Dec 04 2021

Launch YOUR entrepreneurial ideas NOW!

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YOUR IDEAS CAN’T WAIT. You’re ready to charge forward and change the world, your income, influence, lifestyle? “Pull yourself over to the side of the road” to get your bearings, ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and pursuits, help ensure your success!


. . . . . Plus a free digital copy of 2-time national book-award-winning author Hal Alpiar’s latest book: “Healthcarepreneurs” filled with input/ideas for ALL entrepreneurs!

VISIT FasTrakBusinessworks.com NOW FOR MORE INPUT! Check out Hal’s dozens of (One minute or less for each) “TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS” ON LINKED-IN, YOU TUBE & FACEBOOK. Whatever your entrepreneurial needs and ideas are all about, odds are close to 100% that Hal has experienced similar dynamics, has the right contacts, and can help you move your thinking forward into a more productive arena than you are likely to do on your own. Get the details with a quick simple daytime or early evening call (CT) to Hal’s “Entrepreneurial Thinkers & Doers Only please” Desk Phone: 1.931.854.0474 GET YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS GOING TODAY!


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Jul 19 2021


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Entrepreneurial Success

Comes Only to Those Who Are

True to Themselves

Wearing a mask may help keep you and those around you safe from COVID, but too many entrepreneurs have falsely convinced themselves that they need to mask-up to be someone other than who they really are in order to succeed.

I can assure you, having worked as a lifelong business coach, trainer, author, professor, broadcaster, and entrepreneur myself, that being who you truly are is what will deliver success every time. It led you to where you are now. And persistence with just being yourself will take you into, through, and past your next conquest.

This is not to suggest you start a sudden campaign to be stuck in the mud, or adamant about accepting other’s thinking, or charge blindly ahead and blow off suggestions that you change your ways. What I’m saying here is to stay fixed on your pursuits, but remain open-minded about accepting others’ input.

The world’s greatest entrepreneurs have achieved success by being inspired and determined. But, like money, inspiration doesn’t grow on trees. It comes from asking genuine questions, listening carefully, and then:taking action –not just about what to avoid and why, but by acting on the spirit of your intent and what you learn.

Yes, COVID has changed things, but for true entrepreneurs the whole mask/unmask interruption in life has prompted new ways of thinking and doing business. The end result has prompted entrepreneurs to reassess and reevaluate what they’re doing, what they’ve adjusted, and where they’re headed.

No matter what your business thoughts and pursuits were prior-pandemic, the reality of what’s to be faced right now—today—must take priority. Take inventory with your self, your family, your staff, customers/clients/patients and other businesses that surround you, both physically and conceptually. Then go for it!

Decide what you want and where you want to be by when. Give yourself a “working deadline” to help discipline yourself and motivate the support of others. Times have changed. Great business ideas may no longer be good enough to stand on their own. Think about all that’s happened and not happened since your first “masking up.”

You must know in your heart of hearts that if ever there was a time for your business interest pursuits to rise to the occasion, it’s NOW! The point is that your big idea can only happen with your guidance and perseverance and receptivity to others and to new ways of thinking and doing!

So what’s the answer? Start with a dozen slow deep breaths (yes, really!) and (most important of all) a receptive attitude. Then move forward by soliciting input from existing employees, existing customers, supportive friends and family. Take it all in. Make notes. Then make use of what you learn!

If it feels like everyone is telling you your prices are too high or the quality of your products/services is too low, pay attention! Don’t argue. Don’t refute. Don’t make excuses. Don’t make faces or gesture dismissively. Don’t disregard any input. Think it through. Put it to work. You can do it! You got to where you are, didn’t you? ###

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Apr 18 2021

So, Entrepreneurs, IS it ? ? ? ?

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Is this a good time to expand my business?

Is NOW a good time to expand my business?

If you have to ask yourself this question, the apprehension alone might be cause for you to put your expansion plans on hold, and simply pursue making what you already have work better! 

No matter the intensity of your urge to charge forward and change the world (or your income, influence, or lifestyle), it’s unlikely that pulling over to the side of the road to get your bearings will prompt your demise, or kill your business.

With COVID, national and worldwide clashes, and jolting tax increases in their present state of uproar–and with such an unresponsive and shaky government intent on creating uproar—you may do better to simply exercise caution, while courting your existing client/customer base as you keep watching and listening.

Expansion apprehension sparks wildfires! Accept that this may NOT be the best time to open a new store/office/ division, or introducing a new product or service.  You may instead want to be directing your energy toward strengthening your existing base by being better at what you do and the ways you do it.

Consider that (like “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”) it may be time to “whistle while you work” instead of forcing confrontation with today’s burdens of market threats and government shakiness by trying to rush your expansion plan.

Remember: Entrepreneurship is an instinct, not a learned/ teachable skill-set. You may have entrepreneurial spirit but that doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. Contrary to what many believe: True entrepreneurs do not take true risks! “Err on the side of caution,” many advise.

Given today’s economy and government preoccupation with creating high-risk stakes, you may want to simply maximize your services, strengthen your loyalty base… and be ready to pounce when the opportunity doors open.  


Thanks for visiting. Legitimate comments welcome. Spam is deleted. Be sure to cruise through the rest of the site and please visit again!.

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Feb 04 2021

Make 2021 Time for a “STRUGGLE HUDDLE”

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Dear Mom and Pop and Entrepreneurial Enterprise Leaders, Dear Fortune 500 Corporate Sharpshooters, Dear Healthcare and other Service Industry Principals, Dear Product Manufacturers, Retailers, and First Responder Organizations, Dear Teachers and Students . . . BE ALERT TO THE REALITY THAT TODAY’S WORLD CALLS FOR A “STRUGGLE HUDDLE”!

Step up to the challenge and pull together your most creative thinkers and doers to brainstorm where your business (and life) needs to go now. NO CRITICISM ALLOWED! Criticism scares away constructive thinking. Once you’ve established realistic targets, determine how to get there: 1) what are the best and most direct routes, and 2) who can best lead the way?

How do I know this? Because I’ve led many hundreds of productive sessions like this since the 1970’s with every type of organization noted in the top paragraph. I can attest to the fact that those leaders who are genuine, open- minded, determined, receptive, and truly care will succeed in conquering the Coronavirus invasion of business and will be proclaimed the winners!

Larger organizations can host numerous “Struggle Huddle” sessions at numerous levels, beginning with top level representations and working through various departments. Smaller entities might consider inviting connected providers (e.g. CPA, lawyer, a top supportive customer, a parallel provider) . . . and family if it’s a family enterprise.

It helps to start with a stress management approach or two, presenting an overview of both the associated problems and goals, reviewing process and procedures, conducting a short warm-up activity, then moving forward to define and separate the most immediate and the down-the-road needs. With proper preparation, a “Struggle Huddle” can be effective in one hour.

Please feel free to connect direct: Hal@BusinessWorks.US for a free (untracked/un-followed-thru unless requested) email and/or telephone [1.931.854.0474] exchange on how best to set up and conduct sessions like this by yourself or with my on-the-spot or remote (Zoom) input.

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Dec 24 2020

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2021 . . . Here We Come!

It matters not if you run a Mom/Pop store, delivery service, professional practice, mega-billion dollar corporation, or if you’re a healthcare worker, 1st responder, teacher, or make and sell products from your garage. . .

If you are even the slightest bit entrepreneurially-minded, take one look in the mirror and say to yourself: “It’s 2021! And it’s time to make things happen!”NOT as an empty New Year’s Resolution, but as a promise to yourself and to those you love and care for.

We have all struggled with our fears, but the time is NOW to use all that pent-up energy and resources you’ve stored away. NOW is the time to face and conquer your frustration with COVID’s ugly track-record, with media and government apathy, and twisted self-importance political pursuits .

NOW is the time to show what you’re really made of, and you can start the minute you finish reading this post and taking these steps:

START with adopting a productive, non-interruptive, positive attitude that keeps your mind and body alert and in touch with reality. You can help yourself to pursue making that happen as often as you choose, with every passing moment. HOW?

With deep breathing in through your nose, pushing air to the bottom part of your lungs where it is seldom circulated, then slowly with your mouth closed, push that air up to the top part of your lungs, hold it a couple of seconds then exhale slow steady stream through your almost closed lips until it is (with an extra little push) ALL out . . . then repeat as often as it takes until you can hear the exhale as a slow steady stream without any “hitches” — You will be more in control and more in touch with the “here and now” in front of you.

Dizziness simply suggests you take a break. So simply sit if you’re standing, and recognize that you may need to do more of this than others might have to, to achieve full value. Keep at it!

Age and physical health make no difference. Your determination to follow this process whenever you feel upset (or angry, worried, frustrated or out-of-touch), will deliver the best return on investment of your energy and the minute or two that it takes. It will keep you focused on what’s important.

And it’s free!

The end result? You will feel better, think more clearly, be more productive . . . and the more you do it, the less noticeable it will be!

Are YOU Breathing?

MORE INFO? Click on the “ARE YOU BREATHING?” tab at the top of this home page or email Hal@BusinessWorks.US or call 1.931,854,0474 (CST)

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Oct 12 2020

NO Business Works Like BusinessWorks Works!

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Since 1981, BusinessWorks.US


has been coaching businesses


of every size and description


to success . . . and beyond. 


We are NOT a collection of big-talk, big-price consultants who tell you what you already know.

We are invested in helping Clients to “Grow Now.” We help you ignite and pursue the best of your dreams, and interests. We open doors.

You get a proven track-record Business Growth Coach who invests hands-on experience, creative  support, energy (and even part of the project fee) into the success of your business.

From services to products, manufacturing to online, retail to professional practices, our Clients get decades of successful business-building experience and creative business development expertise.

Our credits include regional and national awards, and extensive experience with:  the SBA, chambers of commerce, universities and community colleges, private healthcare practices, and public service providers, national healthcare teams and committees . . . and with opening new market opportunities . . . for hundreds of successful Clients.

We have achieved record sales results for every size and type of business and industry — from entrepreneurial “Startups” and “Family Businesses” to “Fortune 500” companies, to public service and nonprofit enterprises.

Clients get sales and impression results from our unique creative content, strategies and applications for branding, marketing, advertising, PR, CRM, sales and management skill applications to virtually every form of broadcast/ online/video/print and promotional media.

When appropriate, we also deliver custom-designed, Client-Staff and Management Team training strategies and support programs

We energize and ignite client businesses and projects. We generate new revenue streams.

At our clients’ beck and call, we work remotely/virtually and on-site as required.

If you would like to know more . . . no fees, no “pushy hard sell,” no strings attached . . . give me a call:





(M-S; 9AM-6PM; CST)


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Jul 10 2020


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“Employee Stress” Blocks Productivity, Vision, Focus & Health, Costing Employers Hundreds of Billions of Dollars!

What’s YOUR share?

When is a knot not a knot?  Stress is like that “eye of the beholder” thing. Twenty-five years, for instance, can be forever, or a blink, depend- ing on how we’ve chosen to experience it and how we choose to see it.


Sticking a thumb out to paint scenery isn’t the same as sticking it up to show approval, or down to show rejection, plugging it into a hole to stop a leak, or waving it to hitch a ride.


Neither is 25 years of delivering mail the same as 25 years of raising a family, or hammering rocks OR tuning pianos, driving trucks, stuffing pickles into assembly-line jars, selling services to corporate muckity-mucks, doing heart transplants, being a techie, running a retail store… OR plucking escargot-bound snails off jagged rocks at low tide.


Yet, we humans do all of these things to earn a living and label them as stressful.


In fact, “most stressful” to you could well be “least stressful” to me, and vice versa. To you, twenty-five years could be an eternity of pain and anguish. To me, it might be a heartbeat of joy. Some may consider it a flash of fantasy.




Or perhaps we’ve chosen to suffer what seems like a permanent backache, endless constipation, depression, addiction, or —the opposite— we’ve cultivated some ever-deepening smile wrinkles by choosing to foster a happy, healthy, productive work-and-home balance.


Every end result gives rise and a clue to the source and choices and choice reversals made or not made all along the way.


Where does CHOICE begin and end? Or does it? Maybe it’s an eternal blanket and functions only when we’re aware of its pervasiveness. Surely it doesn’t float innocuously to our shoulders from the heavens and plot to do us in, even as we sit stunned by its presence, and puzzled by its origin and intention.


But: VOILA! As truth will have it, stress doesn’t come from outside of us. It doesn’t come from other people or circumstances—or from our jobs!


All physical, mental, and emotional stress is inevitably the result of a choice we make or have once made (perhaps within this very minute… or a week, month, year, decade or lifetime ago!). So it’s fair to say we can stop blaming others and circumstances for having put us under stress. We have only ourselves to blame.


But blame doesn’t get rid of stress and may even make it worse.


As we have championed ourselves to “bring it on,” we are equally well-equipped to “let it go.” We need only to:


A)  RECOGNIZE AND ACCEPT that it’s the result of a choice we just (or once) made,


B)  FOCUS OR REFOCUS OURSELVES on the most immediate split-second here-and-now minutes of our lives… our heartbeats, our pulses, our breathing.


When we pay attention to our breathing, our pulses, our heartbeats, we are returning our minds to this very minute, and every passing minute.




Why does this matter? Because stress only exists in dwelling on a past moment (older than a minute, or even a few ticks)… or worrying about a future moment (more than seconds or minutes away) that hasn’t yet come—and may never come!


Simply being aware of this thinking is often enough to make the difference. If you’ve read this far and are not interested in more, at least be interested enough in helping your SELF by trying and practicing these “Are You Breathing?” steps. They work and they’re free!


# # #


BE 2021 SMART. 

Start with THE 2021 management/staff development program:


“MY BUSINESS WORKS” is a 3-part, hands-on, on-location or virtual engagement that is Money-Back Guaranteed to make a difference in personal individual commitment and achievement levels, in propelling your business or healthcare practice mission forward, and in increasing your sales revenues.

Results are also Guaranteed for new and revitalized branding and online impact programs.

Because these How-To sessions are customized to fit the specific needs of your business or healthcare practice, your staffcustomers/clients/patients, and your sales, scheduling is extremely limited . . . so act now! 

Email Hal today Hal@BusinessWorks.US or call Hal direct at 1.931.854.0474(CT) for a prompt assessment discussion, or to schedule a callback at your convenience.

[NOTE: Participant ages, educational levels, and physical conditions have no bearing on program content or expected results]


# # #


Hal Alpiar is a 39-year-experienced professional. A creative business development coach, trainer and career development mentor, he actively consults in marketing/branding/sales/personal  entrepreneurial and stress management. Twice voted “Professor-of-the-Year,” Hal is also a national award-winning book author and national award-winning brand creator.

Serving clients nationwide since 1981, Hal’s creative input has helped grow over 800 businesses. His training efforts have helped to grow over 100,000 business and healthcare professional participants. Hal’s nine published books, and thousands of published articles, podcasts and blogposts have been opening entrepreneurial doors for decades.

# # #




931.854.0474 Coaching for Higher Branding Impact

Business Development/ National-Awards/ Record Client Sales

Personal & Professional Growth/ Creative Entrepreneurial Thinking


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Jun 04 2020


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INSTEAD OF LOSING SLEEP, torturing your friends and family, and spending money you don’t have… Instead of spending every waking minute trying to cope with one crisis after another …Instead of having no genuine, reliable plan to replace your investments or feeling like you’ll have to close your business, or (like many healthcare professionals) feeling pressured to merge with more securely-financed competitors — Don’t Jump!



EVEN IF YOU ARE FEELING DESPERATE, there’s much more that’s possible if you’ll just step back and clear all your “yes/but” thinking. Close your eyes for just one minute while you take some deep breaths and imagine a 2-year-old giggling toddler running into your arms . . . a child who thinks you are the greatest thing since milk, sunshine, mirrors and puppy licks.  Go ahead. Do it! Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. It only takes ONE MINUTE for you to rattle your own cage, regain control.  


NOW BEGIN SOME NEW THINKING with pen and paper (keyboards fail physiologically to prompt the same level of commitment) by drawing an upsidedown triangle. Draw two horizontal lines dividing the upsidedown triangle into thirds. Top third, label “OBJECTIVES.” Middle third, label “STRATEGIES.” Bottom third, label “TACTICS.” [Keep taking those deep breaths!]

The OBJECTIVES are the two or three realistic goals you would like to reach that you think possible if you can get your act together. The STRATEGIES are the avenues you take to reach your objectives [and deal with roadblocks that may suddenly pop up!]. The TACTICS are the methods/steps you need to take to activate the STRATEGIES to reach your goals [the OBJECTIVES].


IF YOU CAN DO THIS MUCH, YOU ARE WELL ON YOUR WAY out from under the suffering, the COVID-19 pandemic, the UNpeaceful demonstrations and rioting, the merciless political rampage that is more preoccupied with stirring up new problems than in solving existing ones . . . and, most importantly,YOU ARE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO: 

 . . . Revitalizing your own energy

. . . Refreshing your thinking  

. . . And taking firm action with steps forward on your own behalf and on behalf of your friends/ family/employees/customers/and community. 


Once you have a better grasp of where you want your business to go, and what you need to do to get there, just make it happen! Yes, you CAN do it!!


If this last step is difficult to digest, call me (Hal)

 at my desk (CT/M-Sat): 1.931.854.0474 and I’ll use

my experience (with helping to straighten out over 

600 businesses and professional practices) to see 

if I can suggest some next-step thinking for your

pursuits. If I’m not answering, leave callback

number, time zone, and best times to reach you.



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