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Hal’s Background


Nationally-known entrepreneurial leadership and patient/ doctor advocate. Small business and professional practice development consultant. Two two-year-term federal appointments to Small Business Administration (SBA) Advisory Council (NY/NJ/PA/VI).  Five years Public Affairs Team of National Committee for Quality Health Care.

Assisted 500 business and professional practice startups and 800 expansion/development programs. Founding Director of Pennsylvania Heart Institute, and of Bio-Motion of America 3-D Motion Analysis for Physical Therapy, and founding president of e-HealthCare Ventures conglomerate of twelve service businesses.

National book award published author of six books (four on business). Three years of twice-daily “BUSINESSWORKS ON THE AIR” (NY/NJ area) feature radio show broadcasts. “Professor-of-the-Year” at major (NY) university and at small (NJ) community college. He was also a special instructor for the US Army for two years.

National marketing, sales, and retail package/ display/ advertising campaign creativity awards. Graduate Advanced Advertising Studies Institute and The New School for Entrepreneurs. MBA (management and marketing) from Long Island University, MA equivalent candidate (human development) from Fairleigh Dickinson University, BBA (marketing and philosophy) from IONA College.

Experience as writer, publisher, and editor accounts for hundreds of feature articles in business and cultural magazines. Hal’s blog (See tab above) has been ongoing since April, 2008. His marketing innovations are credited with over one billion dollars in client sales.


Hal’s Business Pursuits–


A SMALL BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE STRATEGIST, Hal is a 30-year-experienced specialist in small business and in professional healthcare organization and medical practice development.

He coaches business and professional practice owners and managers with strategic and creative marketing action plans . . . from patient and customer care and management to fully coordinated website content and social networking sales to branding programs and full service traditional advertising and public relations campaigns. 

Hal is seeking a limited number of selective project management assignments in the greater Nashville area.

Hal’s Community Pursuits-     


Launching and soliciting support for a “TALES ON WHEELS” (converted school bus) mobile classroom to teach book appreciation, creative writing and stand-up presentation skills to “academically-undernourished” children. “Youngsters today,” he says, “still lack meaningful public school opportunities and incentives for self expression.”

Why is this important? “Because,” Hal advocates, “self-expression helps build and strengthen self-esteem:  Self-esteem helps build and strengthen self-confidence, and Self-confidence is the cornerstone of success in every aspect of life pursuits… without exception!”


Hal’s Publishing Pursuits–


Right this minute, as you read this, I am currently seeking visitors to the NEW NEWS tab on this site (above) for information about the brand new FEARLESS! The Golden Love Musical script I just finished co-authoring with my talented musician/publisher Valerie Connelly.

I am also actively working on my sequel to www.HighTideNow.com (Called “EBB TIDE…The Storm Continues“) and invite you to participate in the 2016 launch of this follow-up True Crime/Fiction novel. It and HIGH TIDE, are both fact-based blood and guts fiction stories of action/adventure/romance and humor.

See for yourself what all the excitement is about, then send your friends, neighbors, family members, work associates, and online contacts to visit www.HighTideNow.com now, today, to join you in ordering a special First Edition, signed copy and in being part of the greassroots support team movement responsible for bringing this book (and EBB TIDE to market!

I look forward to your visit and support.

Call me direct 1.931.854.0474 or email me Hal@TheWriterWorks.com

any time with questions and comments.

Best – Hal



Seeking Film Producer 

. . . to consider fictionalized version of 278-page

hardcover commissioned memoir that

Hal wrote and published, and for

        for which he owns the copyright. . .   

Here’s the 25-Word “Logline” Synopsis:



by Hal Alpiar

Steamshipped –Hitler’s Germany to Manhattan—non-English-speaking 15-year-old Ernst delivered newspapers, farmed chickens, enlisted… WON: medals, citizenship, Holocaust bride, State leadership, White House prominence, business fortunes.


Seeking Children’s Video


Distribution Partner

. . . for fully illustrated self-esteem story in verse,

first of a series, includes accompanying music

and product line developed to full prototypes.





 # # #

HAL ALPIAR Writer/Consultant 931.854.0474

National Award-Winning Author & Brand Marketer

  Open minds open doors.

 Thanks for visiting and God bless you.

   Make today a GREAT day for someone! 


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10 Comments to “Hal’s Info”

  1. JUDY VORFELDon 19 Aug 2009 at 8:37 pm

    Hi Hal, While commenting on your blog site and the “ARE YOU BREATHING?” article, I noticed the blurb you have here about your “TALES ON WHEELS” program. I’d like to know more. What can I do to help? Judy Vorfeld

  2. Hal Alpiaron 19 Aug 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Judy – At the moment, the TALES ON WHEELS project is in embryo stage; half a dozen newspapers and the major TV station here gave me free publicity on the idea, which has rallied a dozen or so heavily-credentialed anxious volunteers and strong expressions of support from a number of state education leaders.

    With the help of the publisher of a major area newspaper, the Cape Gazette, and the new Delaware Tech-sponsored Creative Writing Center of Delaware in Lewes, I am hopeful of connecting with the universities in DE to provide teaching interns and curriculum input, and with voc tech schools here to support a school bus conversion and maintenance project (all of which I once created and spearheaded in the form of a similar seniors’ consumer education mobile unit project when I was a professor in NJ).

    We would love to find a couple of business sponsors, but pickings are slim in this economy . . . so, like using my blog to stir up some literary agent interests, I’m hoping publicity and volunteers and educational institution support will help stir up grant money from the government.

    Long-term, the goal is to get TALES ON WHEELS up and running and serve as a model for other states, but—like the kitchen peeler job—it’s one potato at a time. We will definitely keep you (and all my blog visitors, thank you) posted as we move forward. I am, of course, always appreciative of ideas and input. Thank you for asking.

  3. Mike Slosbergon 26 Oct 2009 at 12:39 pm


    A friend stumbled across your piece about me, gave me a head’s up and, voila! Here I am. Ain’t technology grand.

    It was a delight discovering how prolific you’ve been. Where are you living? We’re in Manhattan. Would love to see you and catch up.

    Thanks for the kind words. I was quite honored.


  4. Hal Alpiaron 26 Oct 2009 at 7:45 pm

    As I live and breathe, what a wonderful and unexpected pleasure to hear from the mentor I’ve most admired for over 40 years! Mike, you have been more inspiration than you’ll ever know. I completely lost track of you after all these years, but never forgot the creative writing lessons. I am SO looking forward to speaking with you and am tracking you down as I write this (yeah, about the grandness of technology!) Well, now that you stuck your neck out, it’s just a matter of time ’til we reconnect. I look forward to it. And thanks for the visit! Best – Hal

  5. Mar. Conneelyon 21 Nov 2009 at 12:45 am

    This is Maryann Conneely. Tina Crespo and I were discussing names from OCC. Yours came up – we googled and Voila!
    I’ve made a business with my music (website above) and Tina has Free Birthday Stuff.com
    And you thought we weren’t listening!
    Would love to hear from you, and good to see your smiling face.

  6. Hal Alpiaron 21 Nov 2009 at 9:01 pm

    What a great thing to hear from two former prize students from Ocean Country College days! You have both excelled and I am pleased to have been a part of your lives. Congratulations on all that you’ve both achieved with your career pursuits. And please see my email about this. I hope we can connect and catch up. My best to you both! Hal

  7. Albert M. Smithon 30 Dec 2010 at 11:02 am

    Saw the Delaware state news about Mr Danneman’s book. My wife and I were neighbors of Ernie and Terry for years on Moore’s Lake (126 Lakeview Ave) They were, in our opinion, two of the nicest people one would ever want to meet. Ernie, as was noted in the article, always had a sense of humor. I had taken a couple photos of an eagle sitting in a tree, in Ernie’s yard, eating a large fish. The photos turned out pretty well, so I gave them to him. He had them enlarged, framed and hung in the hallway, where he would show them to visitors. When the visitors commented on how good the photos were, Ernie would comment, “Well, its is my tree.”

    We really regretted having to move, but due to a physical disability, we needed a one level house.

    How can we get a copy of Ernie’s book. Thank you

  8. Hal Alpiaron 02 Jan 2011 at 10:14 pm

    Thank you ever so much, Albert, for your warm and enlightening recollections of times spent with Ernie. I am making arrangements for a free book for you. Be sure to see the email I sent you about this earlier today. Thanks again, and I hope to see you visiting here again in the near future. Happy New Year! Regards – Hal

  9. Cathy Grahamon 30 Nov 2011 at 12:00 am

    Hi Hal,
    Have just started reading your blogs and certainly hope that Tales on Wheels gets rolling along. I know children all over will benefit because it is so much more than “just about” reading. As an adult, I can tell you I’m never bored when I’m waiting in line (or waiting for someone to show for a meeting) because I always carry something to read. If I can lend a hand photography-wise, let me know.


  10. James Jordanon 30 Aug 2012 at 12:00 am


    Great job! I read it all and am impressed. First you tugged at my emotional strings with a little girl, and then you turn around and scare the hell out of me with a ghost story!

    Seriously, it is impressive; and you were as modest as possible in giving your rich background.

    I would like to buy and read your book when ready.

    Keep up the good work! Educate Delaware!

    Jim [Retired sales and marketing executive]

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