May 14 2011

“Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, Baby!”

Is speculation


feeding your doubts? 


 ( With appreciation to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell for popularizing the Ashford and Simpson lyrics in their 1968 hit song, “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.” It is used in this post title because it fits the message below and because it was likely to attract more visitors than the headline, “Is speculation feeding your doubts?”) 


You’re an entrepreneur of some sort. You own or manage a professional practice or small business that you started or bought or inherited. You’re pretty sharp about most things, and probably more innovative than the majority of businesspeople. Way more than corporate and government types. Not even an issue.

Management, though, and maybe the finer points of leadership, have never found that comfort zone among your greatest strengths. So perhaps you tend to rely on others for those skills? 

If others are providing the majority of practical, shirt-sleeves back-up support your venture needs in order to allow you the time to pursue sales and financing and creative idea development, you may be putting too much risk into your business.

Even if they’re half wrong, government reports claim 9 of 11 new businesses fail in the first 3 years because of poor management, and that even with good management, that it takes 5 years on average just to break even. You may want to re-read that and digest it before you respond with

“Hey, whatever works!” 

Why? Because your reality might speak otherwise. 


It’s your business. When you have doubts about operational or staffing issues, get out from behind your desk or dashboard or computer screen or BlackBerry, or office or garage or kitchen door (or wherever you camp out every day) and check it out yourself. In person. Regardless of when or where. Go to it! Speculation breeds screw-ups!

When you depend on other people’s reports –no matter how loyal or trustworthy they may be– remember that they don’t have your perspective or your personal business interests at stake. It’s not a matter of trust. It’s simply not their business. They do not see things with your sense of vision. Go to the trouble spot.

This is not a suggestion for you to become a firefighter, solving everyones’ problems.


It is a recommendation to take increased responsibility for operational and staffing issues that can impact your bottom line. Others, for example, may have great intentions, but intentions never led anyone to accomplishment or success. Only action does that!

If, for instance, you have reason to believe that your customers or clients or patients are not being handled properly on the phone or by email, become a customer/client/patient and see what you get back. Be your own “mystery shopper.” You can be a detective without acting like one. Ask questions. Take notes. Check resources.

You don’t need to flash your badge, wear a trenchcoat or yell “Aha!” every time you find a clue.


Instead of telling, lecturing, scolding, threatening, or intimidating someone you find is getting it wrong, consider showing her or him by example how you would get the job done. Remember how you once learned something you’re fond of? Remember that your people are your most important asset!

Leave the how they do it part up to them — as long as the task and/or attitude is accomplished on time without compromising quality or results. Food for thought: Everything need not be done your way!  


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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson] 

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Mar 21 2010

YOU’re Married to Your Business, Not the Govt!

For richer or poorer,


in sickness and


in health, it’s


YOUR business…NOT


the government’s!


     There may never have been a better time than now, for small business owners, operators and managers to rise up and defend the businesses they’re married to, to take hold of the entrepreneurial leadership that America’s government hasn’t even an inkling about how to make work.

     We’re promised leadership transparency and get instead closed doors.

     We’re assured of job creation incentives and get instead “much ado about nothing.” Mountains of utterly useless government paperwork clog our channels of communication and threaten our existences as free market competitive entities.

   Here’s the line in the sand:

The government wants to tax and spend and provide all the necessary infrastructure to gain total and complete control of our businesses and industries, our families and our personal lives. [This is not exaggerated. Look carefully at what’s been happening every day.]

American business owners want an end to taxation without representation. Small business owners want an end to spending money that doesn’t exist, no matter how great the cause. Business owners do not want the government running businesses; they want government to provide infrastructure tools for use by small businesses to create jobs and economic turnaround opportunities. They want to keep their inalienable rights to freedom and independence.

     America’s federal government has run amuck. It is using today’s lame excuse for a healthcare bill as a Trojan Horse to–once positioned inside the walls of democracy–unleash a flood of controls designed to pursue their mission to usher in socialism.

      Socialism does not work, and will not work. It has never worked.

     And until what I am firmly convinced is our nation’s corrupt union leadership (especially teacher and automaker unions) and until naive, ideological arts and tree-hugger communities are willing to put aside their new-found, Obama-led arrogance long enough to face reality, we as a nation are in deep trouble.

     So why address all this political mess in a blog for small business owners and entrepreneurial leaders?

     Because it is WE who are on the line here. It is WE who hold the opportunity to reverse the reckless spending and reckless mind-games being foisted upon us. It is WE who need to rise up and restore balance and strength to our crumbling economy. 

     No, these are not just words. These are actions that each of us needs to take and pledge to work for. Our government, as it has come to exist in this past year, no longer represents “WE the people.” 

     If any of us with small businesses spent money we didn’t have as mindlessly as the federal government has been doing and continues to do, we would be out of business . . . exactly where America  is headed.

     We are on a runaway train, being driven by a totally-inexperienced group of incompetent (seemingly “possessed” say some) politicians who are intent on taking us all directly over the socialism cliff into Marxism waiting eagerly below. And, God forbid that should ever take place.

     The only way to ensure the survival of democracy bolstered by its capitalistic roots that established the US as the world’s one-time strongest nation, and be able to be in the position to best help others, is to provide small businesses with real (not token) tools to lead us forward once again.

     This can only happen when each small business owner takes an active role this November in voting out those who think it’s more important to “taxdollar-bailout” corporate giants than to put meaningful job creation tax incentives in small business.

     Realize here that we have representatives who are more concerned with their empty, small-business-killing healthcare plan than with reducing unemployment rates enough to allow people to pay for the insurance coverage they’ll need to have, to avoid getting fined with amounts they have no ability to pay, because they’re unemployed. Oh, is that not logical or something? 

     We need Congressional Representatives and Senators who are not afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with small business, who will foster the spirit of knowledgeable, experienced, and open leadership we so sorely lack.  

     We need small business leadership with the vision to restore the sovereignty and credibility of America that generations before us worked so diligently and hard to preserve.       


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