Jun 07 2010

Unresponsiveness is Bad Business

“Like talkin’ to


  a brick wall!”


     Remind you of anyone? No, not your teenager or your grandfather. How about that one unresponsive boss, customer, prospect, investor, referrer, supplier, associate, employee? You know. The one who specializes in unanswered calls, unanswered emails, unanswered questions, unanswered charges, and unansdtxtmsgs. 

     Besides that these inactions ring out unprofessional and unbusinesslike behaviors, they just don’t cut it! They insult, frustrate, and aggravate those on the delivery end of the questions that cry out for answers, and the messages that call for some form of acknowledgement.

     Thank heaven most entrepreneurs maintain a sense of urgency in most of what they do. They may be a little rough around the edges by elementary schoolteacher standards (typically measured with “warm and fuzzy” yardsticks) or too gruff or brusk for many country-clubbers (who expect at all costs to be treated like royalty; “Thank you, dawlink!”), but at least they respect the need to get things done.

     What stands in the way of most entrepreneurial instincts to act (instead of just talk about acting, ala America’s empty suit sea of politicians) is the modus operandi of those who choose to think that no response is the best response, and that avoidance makes things go away. These folks, by the way, absolutely hate when someone doesn’t disappear, and continues to pursue an answer.

     Do those who practice shutting down and standing still for a living think they could possibly be cultivating business or making friends by sitting on their thumbs? Do they harbor some idiotic belief that others will gravitate to their aloofness? Probably, they just don’t care, or they’re just plain ignorant. 

     For the benefit of those who may be thinking about printing out this post and are leaving an unsigned copy conspicuously exposed on some unsuspecting culprit’s desk, or dashboard, or nightstand, you may want to save ink and paper and just use the following bulletpoints:

  • Your lethargic, uncaring, ambivalence is a disruption to life and work . . . and so beneath the integrity of those around you . . . If you don’t plan to respond to someone, say so! If you don’t have or know the answer to something, say so! If you need or want more time to reply to a request or question or message, say so!

  • Here’s why. In case it hasn’t occurred to you, most of the world operates in some kind of time zone, and most people will at least nod their heads when spoken to. The fact that you receive a message in writing or voice recording doesn’t mean that it is any less important to acknowledge than face-to-face deliveries.

  • Oh, and if you are, by some miraculous conception, some type of business executive or representative, you may want to give some thought to the fact that “outsiders” (which cer-tainly includes endless prospective customers, clients, or patients) will instantly identify your business attachment as THE business itself.

  • In other words, to the outside world, you ARE your business. Do you really want potential customers, employees, suppliers, investors, referrers to think your business is unresponsive? Of course they will. Don’t even go there. Instead, step up to the plate and start acting like a human being. It’s called respect.

     Trainers, coaches, consultants and creative types can do wonders for businesses by tweaking one thing or another, but tweaking bricks (even for those from Brick, New Jersey) can be a painful process. Let the bulletpoints do the job for you. If you still seek a tweak, however, you may want to explore more of how to . . .

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Mar 20 2010






for doing tasks


of avoidance,


nor will you get


the time back!


     The trouble is that ONLY you know what truly constitutes a task of avoidance, and ONLY you know when your time’s awastin’, which serves to underscore that being true to yourself is yet one more ONLY to think about– being true to yourself is the ONLY way to run a business and live life to the fullest.

     ONLY? Well, assuming you accept that there’s no suggestion intended here to be selfish in terms of dealing with others, and that one needs to be oriented toward strengthening oneself (i.e., one’s SELF), consider the alternatives for a minute and you’ll certainly agree.

     Even the world’s greatest givers — of love, of money, of opportunities, of freedom, of whatever counts — recognize and accept that they must somehow be able to give from a position of strength in order to be truly effective.

     If you are committed to a goal of giving money to the (fictitious) E-Charity Fund, and you donate at great personal sacrifice because table food is scarce and mortgage payments are behind, guess what? You’re not being blessedly generous; you’re being foolish.

     Once you’re able to catch up with your expenses and build a base of financial strength, you’ll be able to donate more, more often. Self-sacrifice is not a requirement for charitable giving. Sure, there are always those who will be in greater need than you, but if you fail to boost your own finances before giving money away, you may be setting yourself up to be joining the ranks those you seek to support. 

     Then what good will you be? 

     Do you need millions to justify donating thousands? No. But you need to not be teetering on the brink of bankruptcy or foreclosure before you saddle yourself with cash donations that could put you under. And that doesn’t mean that you are any less loving or caring or charitable a person.

     Back to rebates on wasted time: there are none.

     Granted that when the pressure’s on to get a report or presentation done, may not be the best time to go for a long walk or start plucking yellow leaves off of plants . . . or maybe it is! Creative-types often need to divert their physical selves to stimulate their conceptualization chambers in their brains. Walks and yellow leaves may be just the ticket!

     What’s the point? Like Smokey The Bear’s message that “ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!” — ONLY you know yourself and your circumstances well enough to determine if you’re wasting time or not. And making that determination comes full circle back to the keynote message of the first paragraph above: To thine own self be true!  

     Oh, and by the way (i.e., btw), it’s a choice!  

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