Jun 03 2017

FWD THIS to your elected representatives!

Dear elected representatives:


it’s NOT  “All or Nothing!”



Progress is measured in increments.

Increments require step-at-a-time management.

As a House or Senate representative, you are not making progress on The People’s Agenda because you are not serving the wants and needs of the people you were elected to represent. And even if you think you are, you’re not because you’re not genuinely working on behalf of those wants and needs. If you were, they would already have been satisfied.

But it’s not too late! Consider the following:

*** Studies of VOTE and NON-VOTE actions and non-actions suggest to many voters that the odds are you       

are preoccupied with your own personal agenda, your own individual needs and desires, and that you are blocking progress with a make-believe “All or Nothing” attitude.


*** Are you kidding yourself into thinking that delays and rejections of step-at-a-time changes will get you re-elected?


*** Are you pretending that every step toward progress requires you to necessarily avoid commitment to get started without unanimous finality?


*** Are you rejecting the wisdom of the Bible, and Einstein, and Thoreau, and other true genius’s who have reminded us that limited knowledge is all we ever have?


*** Are you relying on failed long-ago replaced 1970’s management strategies founded on consensus-seeking  — on safety in numbers– and holding out for something that everyone can at least agree with somewhat?


That kind of posturing, after all, offers protection of one’s hind quarters,

and serves as a platform for rallying the support that you as a politician are likely convinced will get you re-elected.

BUT IS THIS why you were elected  . . . to build yourself into a position you think will best facilitate getting RE-elected?


Truth is that you are far more likely to be re-elected by throwing your wholehearted self into solving the problems    . . . by supporting what the public wants instead of devoting yourself to seeking the spotlight for representing the positions you think will most likely return you to your cushy, high-paying, job.

Take a page from successful entrepreneurs.

Ever-armed with a burning desire to make their ideas work, entrepreneurs are NOT— as commonly (and incorrectly) believed– betting the farm!

Real entrepreneurs take only REASONABLE risks. They are agents of change, not of hot-dogging heroics.

Yet time-after-time, most of those in your shoes take only POLITICALLY-CALCULATED risks.

Politically-calculated risk-taking accomplishes nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Zero. Make the most of what you have . . . NOT of what’s not here.


Stop being afraid to step up

with just a piece of the puzzle

 . . . instead of standing around and holding out, waiting for others to find the missing pieces. Speak up with what you have because only pieces can create the whole solution. And if everyone else with just one piece is holding back, the puzzle will never be solved.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is NOT an all-or nothing challenge . . . aren’t there many steps involved? So isn’t it a step-at-a-time process? Can’t you begin by taking a step in the right direction and returning to make it better as another worthy step comes to the surface?

That’s called: GET STARTED and PASS  S-O-M-E-THING that moves us forward, instead of stubbornly trying to grab hold of a tree (or a hand) as you continue to sink in quicksand!

Entrepreneurs don’t succeed by bursting onto the scene and being suddenly thrust into “Shark Tank” spot-lights. They do act quickly (but not recklessly) and they succeed by taking measured steps and building each on the one before it. They don’t worry about what competing businesses are doing; they just keep moving forward step at a time.

And entrepreneurs don’t hope, wish, analyze, or try. They act. They act now, today, this minute. They get the job of taking a step forward done, instead of just talking about it.

Success is FAR more likely achieved with solid stairways than with shaky stockpiling of all the issues until unanimous agreement can be reached on every detail . . . which is how quicksand originates.



Get started!


You can make a difference, piece at a time.

A favorite pastor of mine recently noted that “you can’t build a house in a hurricane!” Waiting for the perfect solution that everyone can agree to is allowing the storm to build and get worse.

First-aid ointment and a Band-Aid is a quick-fix when a cut is bleeding, but they do usually work as a temporary solution.

It’s really okay to take on healthcare and the tax package and the tighter immigration rules with step-at-a-time quick fixes instead of standing around with your thumb you know where until a comprehensive overhaul of each item can be perfected (which may never happen… and then, by the way, where do your reelection prospects stand?).

# # #


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Go for your goals, thanks for your visit, God Bless You!

“The price of freedom is

eternal vigilance!”

[Thomas Jefferson]

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Mar 14 2010

And now, adding insult to injury . . .

Wake Up Congress!


The White House


is NOT on Your Side.

(PART 2 OF 2… The rest of the story)

PASS ALONG a printout or email this page link to your U.S. Senator and Congressional Representative

     Small business has been the backbone of America’s economy and the driving force behind job creation as the means to economic turnaround since the beginning of time. Yet small business has been not only blatantly disregarded in the search for economic and national survival, it has been literally stomped on by a penny-wise, dollar-foolish Federal Administration … that you are being dragged along into as a co-conspirator!

     Paying back union bosses for buying the election, and overriding common sense with big business bailout rewards that should not have come from taxpayers to begin with, and should have gone to small businesses instead to create jobs, was (and remains) a colossal error in judgment.

     Adding insult to injury, the White House is now trying to ramrod yet another version of a so-called healthcare reform plan down our throats.

     The voters are not stupid. They know that the schmooze-coated advances the President is making and the tokenism dropped at the feet of small business is meaningless, empty, UN-American nonsense designed solely to increase government control.

     The White House wants you to think the “new and improved” healthcare plan is what your constituents want and need. It is NOT.

     The White House wants you to think that small business is being awarded huge decision making benefits as part of this ill-founded, burdensome, unworkable plan. Not the case. Small business is being awarded gigantic, financially back-breaking responsibility for making healthcare work without being allowed meaningful input.

     If this healthcare plan goes through, the bankruptcy court lines will stretch all the way around the block in every city in America. If you, dear representatives of the people, think we have unemployment problems now, just give this financially-numbing plan 9-12 months to boil over… oh, and don’t worry about picking up the pieces because you won’t be around for another term.

     The people you represent are already fighting for their lives to avoid forclosures, pay bills, and feed their families. They sure as hell are not going to re-elect representatives who continually vote to spend more money that doesn’t exist — and that our children and grandchildren will be paying for, for decades.

     Jim Toedtman, the accomplished and perceptive Editor of AARP Bulletin, wrote last October (and it continues to ring true) that “It’s striking how closely” (Obama’s healthcare plan) “resembles the plan outlined by Nixon” (in 1970). “There’s a lesson here, and an important one that” (even the late Senator Ted) “Kennedy learned four decades too late: Don’t allow partisanship and deology to blind you to opportunity. But who,” Toedtman asks, “in the nation’s all but dysfunctional capital has learned Kennedy’s lesson? Who has the common sense and the willingness to listen? Who will set aside the partisanship that has paralyzed the health care debate? Who will step forward and seize the opportunity before them?”

     Surely that “who” could be YOU!

     Small business owners strongly urge that the torch be passed to those who know best how to fuel the job creation and healthcare reform fires: small business and healthcare professionals… not corporate giants, not hospital executives, not unions, not bankers, not automakers, and certainly not government administrators or media people. 

     There must be free market enterprise price competition, administered on a state-by-state basis (because health problems and needs vary considerably in different geographical regions) and small business owners cannot be expected to carry the financial burden.

     The White House is trying to make its backers look like heroes. But reality is that backers will instead be thought of by those who elect them as internal terrorists whose support of White House plans and policies are tearing at the very fabric of American life.

     Wake up, representatives of the people of America! Small Business Job Creation is what we need and want. If you were unemployed, could you pay for “the new” healthcare? First things first!   

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