Feb 15 2010

Trade Faculty PhDs for Entrepreneurs

Business faculties


teach rules,


yet there are


no rules in business . . .


     If you or someone you know is planning to be a smash-hit success in the business world, and the plan has anything to do with getting an under-graduate or advanced degree from a college or university that offers up business programs and courses run and taught by PhDs and MBAs (and earmarked by curricula that’s been infiltrated by rules and regulations), get outta Dodge!

     Unless you have no brain, no ambition, no gumption, and are willing to embark on a career simply to please your father instead of yourself, the kind of pre-corporate career training you’ll get will simply waste your time and money. How can anyone who knows the truth — that business has no rules (except maybe in accounting and maybe some parts of retailing and manufacturing) — think that there’s benefit to be had from coursework filled with teachers who teach rules?

     Before you jump on the disagreement wagon, take a good hard look around at the economy we’re mired in. Where are the biggest mud-heaps? Where’s the quicksand? What’s needed to turn things around? Who’s leading us in that direction? Who’s not? Who’s talking the talk but not walking the walk? We are slogging our way through an economic swamp largely because too much emphasis has been put on the teaching of rules and regulations of business, where none exist!

     Where do you find the kinds of business courses that make a difference, that are focused on reality, that are taught by people who have been there and done that? Try community colleges. Try private training organizations. But if you think for even a blink that some hotshot School of Business MBA will send you skyrocketing to business success in today’s economy, perhaps you should think again.

  • It’s not worth your money.
  • It’s not worth your time.
  • It’s not worth hearing what textbook academia types who’ve coasted through 16 or 18 years of classroom work think about what it’s going to take to do real work in the real world that they’ve never done — that you’re going to have to do once you get out.

     If you really want to learn business, get a job. Use the job to train yourself. Back up what you learn with some solid community college classes run by people who are in business and have learned in business how to be successful in business by doing it, not by theorizing what might be possible.

     There is no better way to learn the realities of business than to work in a small business and pay close attention to what’s going on, and take courses run by entrepreneurs, not PhDs. Business success is measured by your attitude and by how effectively you apply yourself and what you know, not by where you went to school or what PhD taught you what rules. 

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