Apr 18 2009


 “Happiness runs


       in a circular motion…”


 From ’60s songster Donovan: “Happiness runs in a circular motion; life is but a little boat upon the sea…” 


     And (sorry to burst your ad agency’s bubble) HAPPINESS produces sales quicker thanall the ads and promotional materials and sales spiels and websites put together. Ticking off logical product/service features and gulping down huge doses of emotional triggers don’t make sales happen as fast as genuine feelings of happiness that are contagious . . . from ANY one in your organization to ANY one who is an existing customer or prospect.

     That’s not to say you don’t NEED all that traditional and nontraditional support material, but remember that it IS “support material” and that  N~O~T~H~I~N~G  replaces the value of spreading happiness around.

     Great! you say, but where’s the “Happy Button” you’re supposed to push? It’s not like Staple’s “That Was Easy” button (which of course never made anything easy) and sometimes my people or I just feel plain old crummy and we’re simply not happy. So there’s no happiness to pass around. Period. 

     Brrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt! The buzzer says you’re wrong!


     Happiness is ALWAYS present. It’s your job to go get it!

Here are 5 STEPS TO A HAPPIER YOU WHO WILL SELL MORE. In fact, if you get TRULY and GENUINELY happier than you were yesterday, I guarantee you you’ll sell more than you did yesterday. Guaranteed! Ready? Here you go:

1) CHOOSE TO STOP SEEING THE SEA OF NEGATIVITY THAT’S ALL AROUND YOU AS NEGATIVE! Click that mental radio station in your head from 24-hour news (which is always negative) to easy listening music. And remember that no one else controls your stations or channel selector or tone and volume settings! No one else decides what goes on inside your head but YOU!

2) CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE AS NEEDY INSTEAD OF NEGATIVE. Think of them as people who need and are waiting for some positive sign from you — a word, a look, a touch that encourages, reassures. It might only take one positive sign from you for them to become positive themselves. They have a NEED to think and feel more positive. You can make the difference. You have the power.

3) FIX YOUR SIGHTS ON “HERE & NOW.” Take some deep breaths and pay attention to what’s right in front of you with each passing moment. Work to put the past (more than a minute ago) behind you and the future (more than one minute from now) off to the side. Both are fantasy. Reality is the present moment only!

4) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE MUSIC AND POSITIVE PEOPLE. Unfortunately, there’s not ever really enough positive music, but it IS out there. Find it. Dig it out. Put it on your ipod. Put it in your head. It’s your choice, no one else’s. Hum it. Sing it. Whistle it. Write out the lyrics. Program it into your brain. Positive people? They’re everywhere. Put your antennas up!     

5) TRY RECITING ALOUD A PRESENT TENSE GOAL STATEMENT THAT SOUNDS SOMETHING LIKE THE FOLLOWING, AND DO IT REPEATEDLY — WHEN YOU AWAKE, WHEN YOU SHOWER, WHEN YOU EXERCISE, WHEN YOU COMMUTE, WHEN YOU GO TO BED, AS YOU WALK. Something LIKE (make up your own!): “I am happy and healthy and physically fit. I am alert, safe and sound, wealthy, pain-free, emotionally clear, XYZ pounds, and I am selling more everyday by making everyone around me happier. Happiness is my path!”

Doubtful? Skeptical? Don’t be! It works! I have many hundreds of examples to prove it. Try it! What’s the worst could happen? You’ll be less miserable? HA! Start today and sell more tomorrow! (and it’s FREE!)


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